Token Achievement

By Malcolm Fleschner

The ideal Web-based incentive-tracking software should combine three critical elements. They should be enjoyable for the participants, effective at promoting the right activities that lead to sales and easily tracked up the chain of command. Tucker, Georgia-based believes it offers all three in one package. How? Here’s a simplified example of how a sales organization might streamline the reward process using Snowfly.

Call center rep Alan Stanwyk comes to work and logs onto the Snowfly system. He immediately notes which sales activities (making cold calls, sending introductory letters, scheduling appointments, etc.) have been designated by his superiors to win reps online game tokens. Reps can use the tokens to play a virtual slot machine and win additional tokens, as well as prizes like a gift certificate to a local restaurant, a day off with pay, company merchandise or a preferred parking spot for 30 days. Updated on the latest reward-worthy activities, Alan embarks on his workday.

Later on, Alan tests himself on some new skills learned during a recent training program. Taking the online multiple-choice test through Snowfly, he scores 80 percent. At the day’s close, Alan inputs his activities, noting that he sold one customer on a new promotional item and resolved a complaint from a key customer. He doesn’t need to send the information to his manager, Sally Cavanaugh, because all the results are automatically forwarded.

When Sally logs onto the system, she sees that Alan arrived at work on time, sold the promotional item, resolved the customer complaint and received an 80-percent score on the test. Alerted to these activities, Sally either can verify on the system that the tasks were performed and immediately transfer the virtual tokens to Alan’s account, or she can wait to speak with him first and share details of his activities. Meanwhile, Sally can earn tokens of her own by verifying recorded employee behavior within 24 hours.

Even Sally’s boss, Larry Fletcher, can get in on the act. Looking at up-to-the-minute performance reports from any of his 10 branch offices, Larry can monitor how each branch manager is awarding tokens, and which ideas are producing the best results. Noting what’s most successful, he then can quickly pass these mini best practices on to other branches.

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