Although we occasionally consider ideas for editorial to include in our online content, because of the volume of unsolicited editorial material we receive, we are not able to answer every email. Before you contact us, please read our guidelines and FAQs below.

You may send emails to with the subject line: “Query for Selling Power Editors.” However, if you don’t hear back within 14 business days, you may assume we were not able to accept your submission.

Editorial Submission Guidelines & FAQs

To which publications on can I contribute?

Sales Management Digest
This e-newsletter features two short articles (up to 500 words) about B2B sales leadership, hiring, coaching, prospecting, CRM, new technology, social media, and more. Each article appears as an abstract in the newsletter email and is published in full on

Personal Selling Power Daily Boost of Positivity ©
This daily email showcases short meditations, ideas, and thoughts that keep sales professionals motivated and inspired.

Selling Power Blog
Our flagship blog provides a voice for experts, authors, speakers, top-level sales and marketing leaders, and sales practitioners to share how they’re advancing sales and growing stronger teams.

Sales 3.0 Conference Blog
This blog is focused on sales, technology, sales enablement, and any topic related to Sales 3.0 events.

May I send an article that’s already fully written?

If you haven’t yet written the article, it’s better to send your idea so we can evaluate it before you do a lot of work. If you’ve already written the article, paste it into an email and send it along. Tell us if, where, and when the article was published previously – either in print or online.

What are you looking for in a pitch?

Your email should answer these questions:

  • Who are you, and what qualifies you to write about this topic?
  • What is the topic?
  • What (briefly) is your idea?
  • What (briefly) will readers learn from your article?

Be prepared to provide us with the following:

  1. People who might be quoted or referenced, including their job titles (we’re looking for VP-level sources
  2. Products you plan to feature
  3. Companies you plan to mention or discuss
  4. Case studies or examples you’ll cite to support your idea

Who can submit content for

Freelance Writers

We’re always open to establishing new relationships with writers – preferably those with experience writing for a B2B sales audience. Check out samples of our e-newsletters to get a sense of our editorial style.

I am an author, sales consultant, or sales expert and want to send you an article or idea for an article.

Send us a short synopsis of your idea or a topic you’d like to write about, and tell us briefly what qualifies you as an expert (or link to your bio or LinkedIn profile). We’re not interested in a generic rehash of a sales coaching philosophy or sales training methodology. If your email contains grammatical mistakes or is poorly written, you won’t receive a response. We don’t publish book reviews. Email:

I’m a sales professional (rep, manager, VP, CEO, etc.) and have an idea or story I’d like to share.

We’d love to hear directly from sales professionals. Send us your name, title, topic idea, and brief explanation (a few lines) of the story or idea you’d like to share. Email:

I represent a client or company.

Case studies, best practice reports, and client success stories will get more attention from us than a straight product pitch. That said, we are always interested in learning about tools and solutions that might help our audience of sales managers and their teams sell better, faster, and smarter. We’re interested in knowing about new product announcements and new feature rollouts, also – but only insofar as they might fit into or enhance some editorial-based idea. If you don’t have an editorial idea to accompany the announcement, we will keep it on file.

Note: We do not write articles about industry news, company mergers, or changes in executive leadership. We do not publish book reviews.

Please send emails to with the subject line: “Query for Selling Power Editors.”