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Five Important B2B Revenue Trends

B2B revenue teams have experienced massive change, challenge, and growth in the past couple of years – and I predict the coming months and years will keep us on our toes as well. So it’s important to be ready to adjust how we’re doing things in order to stay ahead of emerging trends and changes....

A man sits at a table with a book and pen in hand, thinking.

Every CRO Needs an AI Strategy: Five Principles to Guide Your Thinking

Arguably still in its relative infancy, the position of chief revenue officer (CRO) is one of the hottest new job titles to emerge in years....

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Outsmarting Lost Deals: The Predictive Power of Understanding What Buyers Want

Fifty-three percent of the deals your sellers marked in your CRM as “lost” were winnable, if not for a misstep in the sales experience....

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Navigating the New Sales Landscape: Strategies for Accelerating Your Sales Cycle

To thrive in today’s competitive, dynamic commercial environment, accelerating the sales cycle is not just a goal but a necessity. The lands...

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Diversity and Inclusion Within Sales Forces Survey Findings Show Plenty of Room for Improvement

Back in 2021, LinkedIn commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate the benefits of having a diverse sales organization. The resulting eval...

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Five Strategies for Recruiting Top-Performing Partners

These days, without a partner program, it is challenging for B2B companies to have a successful sales strategy. After all, there are so many...

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The Skill-Grit-Growth Formula for Sales Success

Sales is often described as a high-stakes game of persuasion, but it is far more nuanced than meets the eye. It’s not solely about mastering...