Customer Service Tips

By Joan Leotta

Your razor-sharp selling skills will win you the business, but it’s stellar customer service that keeps customers coming back for more. Here are some suggestions for improving your service efforts.

Contact management

It is nearly impossible for a sales professional to stay on top of sales activity today without using a contact management software program. So, unless you’re psychic, you should already be on board this Pullman car in the technology train.

Thank-you gifts

Customers like to be appreciated, and even a small gift to express your thanks will work wonders. If possible, make the gift something relating to the purchase. A realtor might send a subscription to a house-oriented magazine, for example. Or a telecom sales rep might send a customer with kids some inexpensive walkie-talkies. Try to think of a creative thank-you gift that your customers will enjoy.


There’s no better way to keep customers updated on changes in your industry and new developments at your organization than with a simple emailed newsletter. They’re easy to put together and can (in fact, should) be brief. Keep the information pertinent and useful to your customers.

Wine and dine

Every quarter or so, try to sit down for a meal with each of your best customers. The human contact will keep you fresh in their minds and give you the opportunity to stay abreast of what’s going on with them.

Occasional contact

Whenever you come across a Website or magazine article that might interest one of your customers, send it along. Do so even if the information has nothing to do with making another sale. This is a great way to communicate that your priority is the customer’s needs, not just making another sale.