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Note: This list is sponsored and is organized in alphabetical order; no priority or ranking is implied.

  • ClearSlide is the Sales Engagement Platform leader. We make it easy for sales and marketing teams to find the best content, effectively communicate it – whether in person, on the phone, or through email – and get insights into exactly how customers engage. At the end of the day, we help make every interaction count and create truly amazing customer experiences. ClearSlide customers achieve higher seller productivity, increased sales management effectiveness, and stronger content ROI.
  • Flipdeck® uses an intuitive "cards and decks" approach to organize and share links to important information. Give your whole team access to a central, curated collection of sales-ready content cards. When a sale calls for that perfect document, video, or Web page link, just open Flipdeck on your laptop or mobile device, flip to the right card, and send. Flipdeck is a registered trademark of Presentek, Inc. based in Los Gatos, CA.
  • Front Row Solutions is a paperless mobile data collection system created by salespeople for salespeople. The Front Row system allows sales reps to submit a new sales report or update a previous report immediately after a customer interaction – in less than 60 seconds. This fast and easy real-time reporting enhances information flow and provides incredible insight into all sales rep and client activity. Front Row can be used as a stand-alone system or it can be integrated and become the user-friendly front end of any CRM or ERP system.
  • is the number one conversation intelligence platform for B2B sales. enables sales teams to improve their calls and demos and gives sales leaders insights into how well calls are being conducted, helping them close the gap between their top performers and everyone else.'s patented technology records, transcribes, and analyzes sales calls using AI, helping the sales organization understand what works and what doesn't.
  • Growlabs removes the grunt work from prospecting and sales outreach, and saves B2B teams hours of time by automating the process. By combining high-quality lead generation with powerful outbound sales automation in one easy-to-use platform, Growlabs will help you find, nurture, and convert new customers faster – and at scale. Visit to book a demo and see the magic happen.
  • Highspot helps sales teams increase conversion rates and generate more revenue faster. From sales content management to pitching and analytics, the Highspot platform delivers enterprise-ready features and platform integration in a modern design sales reps love. Using Highspot, sales teams are able to stay connected to the best-performing content for each opportunity, customize and optimize their content, and more effectively engage with their customers and prospects. With nearly 90 percent average monthly recurring usage, Highspot is delivering on the promise of sales enablement.
  • LearnCore is a sales enablement and video coaching solution addressing common training challenges for large and growing organizations that need to certify their sales teams. Leading companies like Box, CDW, Conde Nast, and CareerBuilder use LearnCore to onboard and retain sales reps, identify top performers, share best practices, and ensure consistent communication across geographically dispersed teams. Learn more at
  • Membrain makes your sales strategy stick, transforming sales strategy into informative and actionable workflows that enable the skills and discipline needed to increase effectiveness. It also provides the analytical feedback to encourage coaching and continuous improvement of your strategy execution. Membrain is the number one sales effectiveness platform for teams working with complex B2B sales. Membrain complements or replaces your CRM/SFA.
  • If your company isn't using game film to refine your most important conversations – the ones with prospects and customers – we will help you get started. Account executives, customer success teams, and field reps are recording their conversations with Noteninja because it's the easiest way to get better at talking to customers and prospects. It's hard to believe how much better everyone becomes at talking about your company when you introduce a conversation collaboration tool like Noteninja.
  • Pipeline Manager is friction-free sales enablement. It leverages sales training to align marketing, inside sales, field sales, account management, and top management through our next-level CRM solution. Your entire sales operation in one place to unify planning, analysis, process, and sales training. Laser-sharp coaching. Reality-based forecasting. Plus, we customize the Pipeline to make your toughest challenges vanish.
  • Rehearsal is a video-based practice platform. It gives your sales team a safe place to practice their selling skills so they can perform when it matters. Conveniently assess skills, coach, and collaborate to inspire the whole team.
  • SAVO is the leader in the sales enablement market, having pioneered the sales enablement category in 1999 and currently leading consolidation of the space with the acquisition of KnowledgeTree. SAVO provides the most insightful, prescriptive, and secure sales enablement platform for global use, delivering content to sellers based on sales situation. With SAVO, companies achieve revenue initiatives by aligning sales, marketing, and operations to work together with focus on the customer and greater results in the field.
  • Seismic's marketing and sales enablement solution improves close rates and delivers larger deals for sales while increasing marketing's impact on the bottom line. Large enterprises use Seismic to increase sales productivity through the automatic distribution of information and personalized content to reps for any interaction. Powerful content controls and visibility into usage ensure brand integrity. Seismic's machine learning and analytics continuously improve the entire enablement process, increasing the content ROI and tying it to revenue.
  • Strategic Pricing Associates (SPA) has a proven track record of helping companies become more profitable by applying analytics and training spanning negotiation, pricing, and profitability. It is the world's first company to provide an integrated, holistic solution encompassing decision-support analytics and cutting-edge, entertaining, high-performance virtual training. This Training 3.0 approach combines data and training to help clients capture value. A typical client experiences increased profits by 2-4 percent of affected sales in less than 90 days.
  • At Unboxed Technology, we create training and technology for sales and service teams that make reps more productive, improve the customer experience, and close more sales. Our approach is different – and our clients' results prove it. If you're tired of boring training and clunky apps, it's time to Think Outside™.