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Selling Power is pleased to announce the Top Sales Enablement Vendor for 2023. This prestigious designation helps sales leaders identify and select sales enablement vendors with a track record of producing tangible ROI while also providing superior customer service.

Criteria for the Top Sales Enablement Vendor

The main criteria used when selecting the top Sales Enablement Vendor for 2023 included:

  • Platform overview and features
  • Onboarding, analytics, and ROI
  • Customer support and platform security
  • Strength of client satisfaction and general client feedback

For the client satisfaction portion, the Selling Power team surveyed and considered feedback from clients of the vendors that applied. Here is a glimpse of some of the client comments that helped in the evaluation process:

  • “Such a great tool! And we’re just scratching the surface of what we have enabled.”
  • “Our account manager goes above and beyond to drive adoption, and she is truly the best. Always on top of things, helping us to get where we want with all they have to offer.”
  • “Their team took time to understand our specific challenges and needs. Empowering us to launch and gain some quick changes and momentum that delivered efficiency and growth.”
  • “We chose this vendor because of their superior analytics compared to other platforms, as well as what we saw as an investment in innovation four years ago.  This is also what keeps us with them today. Their Customer Success is best in industry with a regular cadence to maximize the system.”
  • “They have been a true partner and have transformed the way we do business. They are open to feedback and always looking to expand their offerings.”
  • “Very focused on the customer!  Great technology and team of sales enablement experts.”

Below is a snapshot of the 2023 Top Sales Enablement Vendor. We encourage you to visit their Website and reach out to them to discover how they can help improve sales performance and increase sales for your company.

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Selling Power's Top Sales Enablement Vendor — 2023

This list is organized alphabetically and no priority or ranking is implied.


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