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Selling Power is pleased to announce the 2016 listing of the Top 20 Sales Training Companies. This year’s application pool was one of the most competitive so far. Each company on the list submitted a comprehensive application and had at least four clients submit a brief survey on their experience working with the training provider and the results provided.

The four main criteria used when comparing applicants and selecting the companies to include on this year’s list were:

  1. Depth and breadth of training offered
  2. Innovative offerings (specific training courses, methodology, or delivery methods)
  3. Contributions to the sales-training market
  4. Strength of client satisfaction

The summaries below provide a snapshot of each company’s major offerings. We encourage you to visit their Websites and social networks to learn more. Each company included on Selling Power’s 2016 Top 20 Sales Training Companies list has the potential to help your company achieve significantly better results – not just for your team and your company’s bottom line, but also for your customers.

Note: This list is organized in alphabetical order and no priority or ranking is implied.

Selling Power's Top 20 Sales Training Companies — 2016

  • The singular focus of The Sales Board (Action Selling) is improving the salesperson's ability to sell and the manager's ability to coach. While many industries are neck deep in big data, the sales training industry has not been – until now. Since 1990, we have trained, tracked, and certified more than 400,000 salespeople from 3,500 companies using the Action Selling LearningLink™ system. With more than 78 million data points, The Sales Board has tangible proof of how Action Selling is the world's most effective sales training methodology.  |  800-232-3485
  • Since 1996, in more than 25 countries, ASLAN has focused on bridging the gap in sales force execution. Our "results-based competency" solutions, principle-based learning, proof-driven process, and collective expertise are focused on the four critical areas needed to ensure sustainable change:

    • Tactics: Establishing the methods, message, and metrics consistent with high-performing sales organizations
    • Rep development – Customized skill development programs for each of the 11 unique sales roles
    • Leadership development – Providing the tools and programs to ensure sales leaders transition from just measuring performance to truly driving change
    • Road map to transformation – Includes leadership certification, rep and manager development, and sales dashboard to track and measure the three areas that drive results  |  770-690-9616
  • Do you want sales managers who really coach, really well? What would it take to get your salespeople to learn and improve continuously? Do you want your sales training to deliver spectacular sales results and a sustainable competitive advantage?
    Then you need AXIOM. We have completely redesigned how to improve the effectiveness of sales teams. We provide you with an integrated solution, including a proven behavior model, sales enablement technology, inline learning assets, and a dedicated sales success team. All are designed to work seamlessly together inside With Axiom, learning is continuous and so is improvement. Enlightened learning and inspired selling, that's AXIOM.  |  800-933-8503
  • With nearly 40 years of industry experience, The Brooks Group achieves sustainable sales culture transformation for clients – delivering targeted training that becomes operationalized by integrating with an organization's existing systems. The Brooks Group takes a holistic approach to practical culture shifts and focuses on customized "street smart" sales and sales management programs with a high level of relevance and practicality for the individual learner. Training is reinforced with an industry-leading, cloud-based sales and sales management coaching platform.
    The Brooks Group's coaching methodology ties together live coaching by an SME, peer accountability, gamification, management participation, and on-the-job application of concepts to guarantee learners have the tools needed to apply concepts quickly and permanently to get stakeholders the results they're seeking.  |  800-633-7762
  • For 40 years, Carew International has built its stellar reputation as a top-tier provider of customized training programs that deliver performance improvement in sales, sales leadership, and customer service. Our unique, comprehensive, and robust curricula are backed by world-class academic and business research as well as extensive input from human resource and psychology experts and thought leaders in the training industry.
    Carew takes a holistic approach to sales and business development – honing the skills, methods, processes, and attitudes needed to drive lasting sales performance improvement. Our hallmark is developing sales professionals who are able to cultivate productive, long-term customer relationships and elevate themselves to a business advisor role inside their customer organizations while creating value for their customers.  |  800-227-3977
  • Fusion Learning helps sales leaders and salespeople perform better. We offer practical, customized sales training programs to drive the right kind of sales behaviors – realizing measurable increases in sales productivity, meeting activity, sales win rates, and client experience ratings. Examples of Fusion program offerings that set us apart include FUSION Selling, an advanced sales program that equips salespeople with a process to collaboratively generate insight on their own.
    Our client list includes industry leaders such as American Airlines Cargo, American Express, BlackRock, BMO, Chobani, Direct Energy, EMC, General Electric, HSBC, Molson Coors, Nucor, Pfizer, PwC, SAS, Scotiabank, Telus, and many others.  |  855-656-2999
  • Imparta improves its clients' business performance in the areas of sales and service, using highly practical and researched approaches and an integrated solution that goes well beyond simple training interventions. Imparta's Capability Building® system combines assessment, training, coaching, application tools, and impact measurement, using leading-edge technologies to create sustainable performance improvement.
    Headquartered in the UK – and with offices in the United States, Europe, and Asia Pacific – Imparta delivers national and multinational programs with local knowledge and experience. Delivery to a global audience has positioned Imparta as a leading blended learning provider of sales and service training as well as a pioneer in the field of business simulations.  |  512-514-6638
  • Integrity Solutions helps clients win and keep more customers by developing excellence in sales performance, coaching, leadership, and customer service. Our solutions lead to measurable improvements in productivity for all roles of an organization that impact the client experience.
    Integrity Solutions increases leadership's ability to align and engage their teams with a specific focus on their attitudes, values, motivations, and beliefs. We go beyond skills and process to boost self-belief and release achievement drive– often-overlooked performance accelerators. Our core solutions are grounded in values and ethics – and tie well to the importance of integrity and values in the corporate world. Integrity Solutions has more than 45 years of experience delivering innovative and sustained learning on a global scale across the business spectrum.  |  615-385-2246
  • When companies tackle sales-related challenges, they want and deserve more than just another sales training program. They are looking for a solution in which knowledge will be absorbed, passion will be ignited, and sales performance will increase as a result of the investment in training.
    Janek's research-based sales training programs and skill sustainment solutions have allowed clients to consistently deliver this and more. There is a reason we refer to ourselves as a sales performance company. "Performance" is part of our identity– and our entire team of experienced consultants, instructional designers, and facilitators is laser-focused on providing comprehensive solutions that produce long-lasting, positive results for our clients.  |  800-979-0079
  • Mercuri International is a global sales training and sales consultancy organization founded in 1960, with an international network that spans more than 40 countries and more than 300 employees and a network of 150 associate consultants. The annual turnover is around $60 million, of which more than 30 percent is generated from internationally-coordinated projects for large international customers.
    Mercuri International provides open courses in a number of countries, but the majority of the business is built on customized in-company sales development projects. Based on the global footprint, number of consultants, size of client base, and the results achieved by clients, Mercuri International is one of the global market leaders in sales development.  |  +44 1981 550 447
  • Miller Heiman Group, a TwentyEighty company, is one of the largest dedicated performance improvement companies in the world, bringing game-changing insight to sales performance, customer experience, and leadership and management. Backed by its Be Ready set of solutions, Miller Heiman Group helps companies build and sustain successful, customer-focused organizations that drive profitable revenue and predictable top-line growth on a global scale.  |  877-678-3380
  • RAIN Group is a global sales training and consulting company focused on helping clients unleash their sales potential. We've helped hundreds of thousands of sellers, sales managers, and professionals in more than 62 countries significantly increase their sales through:

    • Developing and improving sales strategy, structure, processes, messaging, and talent
    • Enhancing sales capability through world-class sales education
    • Designing and executing strategic account management initiatives
    • Increasing the effectiveness of sales management

    We excel in the areas of consultative selling, insight selling, sales negotiation, strategic account management, opportunity management, and sales management. Our research-based programs also incorporate insights from our exclusive Center for Sales Research. Our learning system focuses on real behavior change and results, so skills stick and are applied on the job.  |  508-405-0438
  • Richardson is a global sales training and performance improvement company. We collaborate with sales organizations to achieve greater levels of success by changing the behaviors of their salespeople and sales managers. Our approach is highly collaborative, with a focus on enabling the right sales activity and effective customer dialogues. To help you achieve your goals, we partner with you to develop customized training programs and a culture of continuous learning to help drive improved organization performance.  |  215-940-9255
  • Sales Excellence International helps companies of all sizes achieve breakthrough sales results by solving specific sales problems through highly-customized training and technology solutions. We specialize in combining world-class classroom training with the latest in video, audio, Web-based, and mobile learning technologies.
    By partnering with us, some of our clients have been able to eliminate the classroom altogether. Our footprint spans six continents with support for over a dozen languages. Most of all, we never deliver a program off the shelf – every project is a partnership defined by our client's unique business challenges and aimed at achieving their specific sales goals and objectives. Contact us and you'll feel the difference immediately!  |  800-524-1994
  • Sales Performance International (SPI) has helped more than 1,100,000 sales and management professionals in more than 50 countries and 14 languages. SPI provides the industry's only full customer life-cycle improvement solution, which encompasses: creating demand, winning deals, growing accounts, and managing sales performance.

    A key enabler for our clients' success is our SPI-1 sales performance improvement platform. SPI-1 empowers sales leaders to drive continuous, data-driven sales improvement and offer sales managers greater insight and control over performance. Our extensive sales performance expertise, deep industry knowledge, global resources, and technology innovation uniquely position SPI as the go-to partner for organizations that need to rapidly transform sales in a disruptive and increasingly competitive world. SPI is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, with offices in Brussels, London, and Shanghai.  |  704-227-6500
  • Sales Readiness Group (SRG) is a leading provider of customized sales and sales management training programs for corporate sales organizations. Our training programs are designed to drive superior sales performance through a sustainable skills development approach that incorporates the following key success factors: motivation, customization, spaced learning, reinforcement, and measurement.

    Leveraging our extensive curriculum library, our programs are custom tailored to each client's unique development needs and promote skills adoption and retention through a highly engaging, interactive program methodology and blended training delivery methods.  |  800-490-0715
  • Sandler Training® is a global training organization with more than three decades of experience and proven results. Sandler provides sales and management training and consulting services for small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) as well as corporate training for Fortune 1000 companies. Our proven methodologies and specialized tools develop top-performing sales, management, and executive teams that excel in a fluid, fast-paced, global business environment.  |  410-653-1993
  • ValueSelling Associates™ guides sales managers and their teams in using the ValueSelling Framework®, a proven formula for accelerating sales results. The ValueSelling Framework is the first and only methodology with a toolset integrated throughout the entire sales lifecycle. Since 1991, thousands of inside, outside, direct, and channel sales professionals have adopted the ValueSelling methodology to better qualify prospects, advance bigger contracts, and close deals faster. To drive overall adoption, ValueSelling Associates – proven sales professionals and leaders themselves – tailor the simple and practical ValueSelling Framework to be relevant to your business, engaging for your teams, and localized to your region. Our highly customized sales training, tools, and consulting services provide a proven formula for accelerating your sales results.  |  800-559-6419
  • Vantage Point Performance is the sales management training partner of choice for leading companies such as 3M, FedEx, GE, HP, Roche, and Samsung. Based on the groundbreaking research in the best-selling book, Cracking the Sales Management Code, Vantage Point is redefining sales management by deploying simple but powerful frameworks that finally put sales managers in control of sales force performance. The company partners with global corporations to replace stale coaching models with a powerful sales management methodology. Vantage Point simplifies sales managers' lives and empowers them to lead by providing intuitive, straightforward insight into the levers that drive sales performance.  |  703-574-6006
  • Wilson Learning is a global leader in developing sales organizations worldwide. For 50 years, we have equipped sales representatives, sales leaders, and service and support professionals with the strategies, skills, and processes to increase revenue, grow margins and profitability, and outmaneuver the competition.

    Our holistic approach combines proven sales development content, consulting expertise, and coaching with an array of learning services and an award-winning reinforcement and sustainment system. Our sales solutions align with clients' sales and business priorities to improve the impact of their sales teams and business performance. For example, our work with a sales team at a global chemical company increased revenue by 12.8 million and grew market share from 7 percent to 10 percent in one year.  |  800-328-7937

Honorable Mentions — 2016

We are pleased to include 1 honorable mentions in this year’s Top 20 listing:

  • Selling Energy, a women-led firm based in downtown San Francisco, delivers award-winning sales training that turbocharges the success of individuals and organizations. Selling Energy fills a critical educational void: providing much-needed sales skills to new and incumbent workers, yielding both economic and professional benefits.

    Selling Energy is revolutionizing the sales training industry. Mark Jewell, our lead instructor, conducts live workshops throughout North America as well as online/on-demand courses that focus on reframing and expressing proposed solutions so they capture decision makers' attention and motivate action. Selling Energy's training artfully combines professional selling and sales management, advanced approaches to cost/benefit analysis, and segment-specific business acumen.  |  415-814-3744