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Ten people stand in a line on stage holding awards.

The annual Sales Enablement Excellence Awards were announced at special luncheon ceremony during the Sales 3.0 CRO Summit on September 8, 2023. The award, a prestigious crystal eagle statue, symbolizes the hard work and dedication that these sales enablement leaders have exemplified throughout their careers.

The winners have been selected based on the quality of their application, video testimonials and detailed reports of a successful enablement initiative that impacted revenues. The panel of six judges included:

Logo for the Selling Power Sales Enablement Excellence Award in 2023

A special congratulations to Sheevaun Thatcher who was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award for Sales Enablement Excellence.

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Congratulations to the Winners

    Headshot of Hang Black
    Hang Black
    VP Revenue Enablement & Tech Evangelist

    Meagan Davis
    Director of Sales Enablement

    Annie Johnson
    Revenue Enablement Manager

    Teri Long
    VP, Global Revenue Enablement

    Monty Ostrander
    Senior Manager, Sales Enablement

    Benedikt Parstorfer
    Senior Manager, Global Revenue Enablement

    Phil Putnam
    VP of Sales Enablement

    Jennifer Ryan
    Director, Global Sales Enablement
  • Lifetime Achievement
    Sheevaun Thatcher
    VP, Strategic Enablement

    Nate Vogel
    Global Vice President, GTM Enablement

    Headshot of Russ Walker
    Russ Walker
    SVP, Revenue Enablement

    Stephanie White
    Senior Director, Revenue Enablement