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November 29, 2017

What Is a Peak Performance Mindset? And How Can You Leverage It for Better Sales?

By Jamie Crosbie, CEO and Founder, ProActivate

A lot of forward-thinking companies are turning to different forms of mindset training to improve their bottom line. Fortune 500 companies are using the lessons gleaned from neurolinguistic programming, neural, and behavioral sciences to help improve the way individuals think – and therefore act. Like a massive colony of ants, an organization thrives or fails based on thousands of moment-to-moment decisions, actions, and reactions. And it really all comes down to the way individuals think about themselves and their jobs.

What, Exactly, Is Peak Performance and Mindset Training?

In a nutshell, a peak performance mindset is one in which your mind is functioning at its highest level. It is a way of isolating the mental habits that build success. These specific habits are not built on wishful thinking or simply pumping yourself up to do a better job. Mindset training is actually based on solid (albeit leading-edge) science.

The simple truth is that, although some people do seem to be born under a lucky star, success is not usually something you just fall into. Rather, it is built – often over the course of years – based on the way our minds naturally work. Simply becoming proactive rather than reactive can change the course of your life. In a real sense, the components of our successes (and failures) are bound up in our everyday habits, choices we make, and, of course, the mindset behind them.

Peak performance is really about living well and creating sustainable success across all areas of your life. So exactly how do you do that?

While the fine details are beyond the scope of this article, there are some ways you can tap into these new advances right away. First, you need a goal – a target to strive for. It needs to be something meaningful to you, too. Unless you are committed to something, your mind is more likely to slide back into chasing the same mental bunnies on the same rabbit-trails it always has. All of us battle a slug-like lazy streak, and war goes on inside us every single day.

Some Peak Performance Takeaways

First and foremost, set a meaningful goal. Think about why you want to reach this goal. Is it because you want more stability? Greater income? Or do you want to prove something to yourself or others? What is the real motivation behind your goal? It can be as simple as feeling you are capable of more, or as complex as wanting to create a nonprofit to help others. The thing is, you need to find your passion. What motivates you? No one will give exactly the same answer here, which is fine. The question is not what lights your manager’s inner fire, but what speaks to you.

Next, you will need a plan. Make sure it is one that includes micro-goals as well as built-in downtime. Keep in mind that making smaller – yet meaningful and productive – changes can help you build new avenues to success in the long run.

And the most important step is one that may seem really counterintuitive. Build in both stress and rest. Just like a weightlifter who trains to isolate and work certain muscles, you need a laser focus. Equally, though, you need a time to recover. You require time to adapt and enjoy the process. If you do not add these components, you are going to burn out. You may be able to attain a few things before you do, but, without meaning and rest, you are just going to fizzle out like a firecracker turned dud – a few sparks and then nothing.

Adding small, bite-sized goals you can crush is not only motivating, it can help you solve larger problems. Think like an athlete. Use increments, stress, and recovery to help you hone your performance. Remember, you do not want to be a one-hit wonder. You want sustainable, attainable change that adds up to greater happiness and long-term success.

After that, you need to begin to identify and magnify your peak performance mental “flow” state. This refers to the way you are totally and completely absorbed in the moment. Peak performers have learned to move into a zone that immerses them, allowing them laser-like focus.

To do all the above, you need at least one more puzzle piece: You have to allow yourself a cookie now and then. Newsflash: you are not an android. The whole point is to enjoy your life and the journey. If not, why bother with trying to accomplish anything?

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Today’s post is by Jamie Crosbie, CEO and founder of ProActivate. Jamie is a certified peak performance mindset trainer. Contact her at or 214/720-9922 to learn more about how her training can help your sales team reach peak performance levels.