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June 26, 2023

Unveiling the Challenges: Why Organizations Struggle to Capitalize on the Promised Outcomes of Sales Enablement

By Marc McNamara, Founder and President, The Enablement Group
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Despite the potential of sales enablement, many organizations have struggled to fully capitalize on its promised outcomes. Let’s explore some common reasons why.

Lack of Alignment and Collaboration

Effective sales enablement requires close alignment and collaboration between different departments within an organization, primarily marketing and sales. Unfortunately, silos and miscommunication between these teams often hinder the success of sales enablement efforts. Such misalignment can result in inconsistent messaging, uncoordinated content creation, and insufficient training. To achieve sales enablement’s promised outcomes, organizations must foster a culture of collaboration – encouraging regular communication and shared goals between sales and marketing departments.

Insufficient Sales Enablement Strategy

Another reason for the failure to capitalize on sales enablement is the absence of a comprehensive strategy. Many organizations adopt a reactive approach rather than a proactive one. They fail to develop a clear roadmap that outlines the objectives, key performance indicators (KPIs), and a structured plan for implementation. Without a well-defined strategy, organizations often find themselves tackling random initiatives without a cohesive framework – leading to wasted resources and inconsistent results.

Inadequate Training and Development

Sales enablement goes beyond providing sales teams with the right tools and technologies. It necessitates robust training-and-development programs that equip sales professionals with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed. Unfortunately, organizations often fall short in providing comprehensive and ongoing training. As many understand, traditional sales training is dead. Continuous, ongoing skill development is crucial for adapting to evolving buyer behaviors and market trends. Micro-learnings, coaching, and access to relevant resources are vital for maximizing the potential of sales enablement efforts.

Resistance to Change

Successful sales enablement initiatives require a culture of adaptability and openness to change. However, organizational resistance can impede progress. Sales teams may hesitate to adopt new processes, tools, or methodologies due to the fear of disrupting established routines or a lack of understanding about the benefits. Organizations must foster a culture that embraces change and encourages experimentation to overcome the inherent obstacles and unlock their full potential.

It’s All About the People

Lastly, and most importantly, having the right people resources is crucial to support an organization’s sales enablement efforts. Skilled and knowledgeable individuals such as sales enablement managers, trainers, and content creators play a pivotal role in driving the success of sales enablement initiatives. These professionals understand the intricacies of the sales process, possess expertise in leveraging technology and tools, and excel in crafting impactful content. They provide guidance, training, and ongoing support to sales teams – ensuring team members have the necessary skills and resources to engage customers effectively. Investing in hiring and developing the right people resources is essential for maximizing the potential of sales enablement within an organization.


Addressing the issues of alignment, strategy, and resources is crucial for effectively capitalizing on the benefits of sales enablement. By recognizing these challenges and implementing proactive measures, organizations can enhance their sales productivity and drive sustainable revenue growth.

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Marc McNamara is the Founder and President of The Enablement Group.