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May 30, 2023

Customer Intelligence: Understanding Your Buyer Using Sales Intelligence

By Aisha White, Content Marketing Manager, Owler

Improving your sales process and better understanding your customers begins with gathering the correct information. Customer intelligence, which TechTarget defines as the process of collecting and analyzing detailed customer data from internal and external sources to gain insights about customer needs, motivations, and behaviors, and sales intelligence, which Gartner says provides data insights into prospects and leads, are two essential components of understanding your buyers.

Using Customer Intelligence for Customization 

As a business professional, you’ll be able to effectively customize your sales processes to your buyers’ needs based on the data you gather using a sales intelligence platform. Once you have collected and analyzed relevant information, you can go on to personalize your outreach and messaging. Leverage newfound facts to familiarize yourself with the buyer’s company, industry, challenges, and changes you observe. For solutions such as Owler Max, company information is available in addition to contact data for key decision-makers.

Monitoring Market Changes

A customer intelligence platform can provide data about individuals and specifics such as their buying behaviors or preferences. Key events such as partnerships, product launches, and even layoffs can affect these results, making the need for real-time data crucial. Combining the broader business, industry, and leadership data from sales intelligence platforms with more granular person-specific data provides a comprehensive picture of your customers.

Researching Your Buyer Using Customer Intelligence

Ask questions that will give insight into your prospects and their business – allowing you to anticipate your prospective buyer’s needs. The results of your research will inform your decisions when it comes to your sales-and-marketing efforts.

Some of the ways you can learn more about your customers include: 

Referring to consumer reviews

  • Feedback can be captured via your Website and social media. Many customers feel comfortable sharing their experiences and thoughts with their online communities. Monitor for mentions of your brand in these conversations.
  • Websites such as Trustpilot or G2 display users’ reviews of products and are trusted sources for buyers in the consideration stage of the buyer journey.

Interviewing your customers

Continuing to connect with customers past the point of purchase will not only strengthen your relationship with them but will also give you first-hand information from people using your product regularly.

Studying company news

This is where sales intelligence can shine. When you’re aware of the current climate within your prospect’s industry and are tuned into the latest updates on their particular company, you can connect in an authentic, well-informed way.

Identifying Challenges and Opportunities 

Customer intelligence platforms can provide valuable insights into how customers interact with your products or services. By analyzing this data and incorporating tools such as Owler Max into your sales process, you can identify opportunities for growth within new markets or niches that may be underserved or expand existing products and services. When you address priorities and express concerns from your prospects, you help build stronger relationships with your customers and increase their loyalty to your brand, which can lead to the growth of your business in new and exciting ways.

Get started researching your customers using tools that save you time while providing the company and contact data you need to reach your ideal customers.

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Today's blog post is by Aisha White, Content Marketing Manager at Owler.