Sales Affirmations: Seven Positive Affirmations from Tom Hopkins

By Selling Power Editors
Think positive sales affirmation for sales success

Tom Hopkins learned very early in his sales career that positive self-talk can have a powerful impact on sales performance and sales strategy. To help the readers of Selling Power, Tom collected a series of positive sales affirmations for success that he and other sales champions have used to build winning attitudes. To make these affirmations work for you, tape this page to your mirror. Every morning select two or three of these sales affirmations from Tom Hopkins— just as you would choose food from a menu — and repeat them several times during the day. Here is how your subconscious mind can help you create positive attitudes.

As you implement these examples of positive sales affirmations, your mind will create new thought patterns and positive mental associations. These thoughts will generate new emotions which, in turn, will trigger new actions that will lead to more successful sales results.

To get the most out of this attitude building program, customize this list of positive sales affirmations so they closely match your ambitions, goals and values. Write your favorite affirmations for sales success on the back of your business card or note card and repeat them before sales calls.

1. Confidence Sales Affirmations

Today, I will win. Why? I’ll tell you why — because I have faith, courage and enthusiasm.

I have clearly defined goals and I will pursue them today with enthusiasm, determination and discipline.

Today, I will not take advice from anyone who is more messed up than I am.

Today, I will meet the right people in the right place at the right time for the betterment of all.

2. Overcoming Fear, Failures And Problems Sales Affirmations

Today, I will do what I fear most and thus I’ll control my fear.

I will see failure as only a signpost on my road to success.

I see every problem as an opportunity to overcome a challenge.

I never take rejection personally. I am first and foremost in the people business. I realize that they can only reject my proposal, not me. I keep on keepin’ on.

3.  Reducing Stress and Creating Success Sales Affirmations

Today, when I feel stress, I will consciously relax and let go of my stress before making the next call.

The excellence of my service will determine the level of my income. Today, I’ll give more than ever before.

For the professional salesperson, school will never be out. That’s why I am learning every day.

I am determined to work harder on myself than on my job. This way I can become the person I want to be and end up doing a better job than ever before.

4. Strengthening Sales Affirmations

Today, I will nurture and love the people in my life who are the most important to me.

Today, I will be a good example for my children because they learn more from the role I play than the things I say.

I always live in the delight and reality of being alive. My past is forever gone, my future is uncertain, so I will be happy and thankful for each moment.

I always write down my priorities, thinking of my loved ones and my responsibilities. I may not get everything done, but I do the most productive thing possible at every given moment.

5. Positive Profession Sales Affirmations

I am proud to be a salesperson. Selling is the country’s most important profession for creating new wealth. It is the foundation of the free enterprise system.

I am a professional problem solver and I care more about my prospects than making the sale.

It does not matter what I want to sell, what matters is what my prospect wants to own.

Today, I will get myself out of the way and think more of my prospects’ needs than of my success.

6. Positive Attitude Toward my Company and Co-Workers Sales Affirmations

Today, I will respect my co-workers and if I can’t say something good, uplifting and positive about them, I will say nothing at all.

Today, I accept that the easiest company to run is the one I don’t own. I will respect the authority given to management and follow the guidelines and philosophies of the company I have chosen to work for.

Today, I will see opportunity in every challenge offered to me by my company.

I am a winner, I work for a winning company, and because of my contribution and cooperation we will keep on winning.

7. Positive Attitude Toward My Life Sales Affirmations

Today, I am thankful to God for my health, my loved ones, my business and my country. I am also thankful for any pain and crisis that helps me grow.

I always take care of my body, realizing the importance of the words “moderation” and “balance.”

I always strive to humble myself before others, controlling my ego and making other people feel important.

I continually invest time in study, learning how to better serve my fellow man. I know my growth in all areas is in direct proportion to the service I give to others.