The Sales Path to a Fast CRM Rollout

By Greg Plum, Chief Marketing Officer, SalesPath+
Teal and yellow graphic surrounding “CRM”.

Streamlining complex sales processes is a challenge faced by many businesses – especially those in emerging tech industries. One such company is Hammerspace, a global storage company that provides its clients with a system that allows a single view of their data from a global scale. Hammerspace sells mainly into enterprises, including media and entertainment, life sciences, financial firms, and tech companies. This type of client means multiple stakeholders and a more complex sales cycle, which Hammerspace found difficult to manage with their current customer relationship management (CRM) tool.

To overcome this challenge, Hammerspace needed a more enterprise CRM to help manage the type of customers and sales they were going after. They decided to transition to Salesforce and implement SalesPath+, the only proactive pipeline solution currently on the market, which is native to Salesforce. Making this transition would provide a single platform, improve sales forecast accuracy, provide more accurate and timely reporting, and enable the continuous improvement of sales best practices and processes.

Presenting a new system or method for an entire department can be challenging, and adopting new systems can mean less time closing deals. However, after an hour and a half of formal training provided by the SalesPath+ team (and some hands-on experience), SalesPath+ was rolled out to the entire sales force in less than two weeks! Nearly every part of the organization – from CFO to VP of Sales to the sales teams – now starts the day looking at the SalesPath+ dashboard to determine which opportunities should be the focus for the day.

The impact of SalesPath+ has been significant for Hammerspace. Today, they have four sales cadences, including new logo, upsells, cross-sells, and renewals. SalesPath+ gives them the flexibility to expand to an unlimited number of paths, as they evolve as a sales organization. According to Chris Bowen, SVP of Global Sales, “SalesPath+ has become the source of truth for our organization,” creating a common language and providing standardized processes across the organization. With SalesPath+ and its proactive reminders and alerts, Hammerspace’s sales team is able to stay ahead of the timeline in sales. The software automatically created a cleaner and more efficient pipeline. Because it monitors duration within each stage, deals got pushed to the next quarter, if necessary – resulting in a more accurate forecast for senior leadership. Looking at Q1 2023, Bowen suggests that Hammerspace now has the “tightest pipeline they’ve had in years, and that has a lot to do with SalesPath+.”

By adopting SalesPath+ and transitioning to Salesforce, Hammerspace has been able to keep their sales team ahead of the game and create a more efficient and effective sales process.

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