Looking for the “Source of Truth” Using Salesforce?

By Greg Plum, Chief Marketing Officer, SalesPath+
An outstretched hand with palm facing up towards a lit lightbulb.

Streamlining complex sales processes is a challenge that many businesses face, especially those in emerging tech industries. One such company is Hammerspace, a global storage company that provides its clients with a system that allows a single view of their data from a global scale. Hammerspace sells mainly into enterprises, including media and entertainment, life sciences, financial firms, and tech companies. With this type of client comes multiple stakeholders and a more complex sales cycle, which Hammerspace found difficult to manage with their current customer relationship management (CRM) tool.

To overcome this challenge, Hammerspace needed a more enterprise CRM to help manage the type of customers and sales they were going after. They decided to transition to Salesforce and implement SalesPath+, the only proactive pipeline solution currently on the market, which is native to Salesforce. Making this transition would provide a single platform, improve sales forecast accuracy, provide more accurate and timely reporting, and enable the continuous improvement of sales best practices and processes.

Presenting a new system or method for an entire department can be challenging, and adopting new systems can mean less time closing deals. However, after an hour and a half of formal training provided by the SalesPath+ team, and some hands-on experience, SalesPath+ was rolled out to the entire sales force in less than two weeks. Nearly every part of the organization, from CFO to VP of Sales to the sales teams, now starts the day looking at the SalesPath+ dashboard to determine which opportunities should be the focus for the day.

The impact of SalesPath+ has been significant for Hammerspace. Today, they have four sales cadences, including new logo, upsells, cross-sells, and renewals. SalesPath+ gives them the flexibility to expand to an unlimited number of paths, as they evolve as a sales organization. According to Chris Bowen, SVP of Global Sales, “SalesPath+ has become the source of truth for our organization” – creating a common language and providing standardized processes across the organization. With SalesPath+ and its proactive reminders and alerts, Hammerspace’s sales team is able to stay ahead of the timeline in sales. The software automatically created a cleaner and more efficient pipeline. Because it monitors duration within each stage, deals got pushed to the next quarter, if necessary – resulting in a more accurate forecast for senior leadership. Looking at Q1 2023, Bowen suggests that Hammerspace now has the “tightest pipeline they’ve had in years, and that has a lot to do with SalesPath+.”

By adopting SalesPath+ and transitioning to Salesforce, Hammerspace has been able to keep their sales team ahead of the game and create a more efficient and effective sales process.

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