Four Ways to Boost Your Close Rates Using Sales Videos

By Tyler Lessard, Chief Video Strategist, Vidyard
A white iPhone sits on a table while loading the Youtube app.

So your BDRs and SDRs have sourced up a bushel of new leads and qualified them into sales-ready opportunities. That’s music to any sales lead’s ears. All your account executives need to do now is keep buyers’ attention and convert them into signed-and-sealed deals.

One by one, though, those opps start drying up. One buyer gets distracted by quarter-end and falls off the radar. Another deal gets torpedoed by an internal stakeholder. Yet another is poached by a competitor at the last second.

If you’re like most sales teams, your close rate could use a little TLC. That’s where sales videos come in.

You’ve probably heard about how sellers are adopting video as a sales tool. When you think of video selling, you probably think of reps sending video messages to get prospects’ attention – but video is just as valuable in the bottom half of your funnel.

How Video Provides Value

  • Video is easily consumed and shared. This makes it a great way to provide the resources necessary for making a purchase decision. From meeting recaps to micro-demos to proposals, video resources are much easier for champions to share with relevant stakeholders within the account.
  • Video is personal. Video injects a layer of personalization into the communications between rep and buyer. The relationship grows beyond just “names on a screen.” When a seller makes that impression as a real person, buyers find it much harder to ghost them.
  • Video makes engagement trackable. With the right video analytics tools, your reps can track how buyers are engaging with the videos they send. They’ll know if buyers are watching and, if they’re not, they’ll know that account needs a little extra attention to get things back on track.

Four Ways to Use Video to Improve Your Close Rates

1. Cut No-Shows with Reminder Videos

No-shows waste your reps’ valuable time. Imagine how much more productive your team could be if every meeting they booked actually happened.

Sending a quick reminder email before a call is one thing, but sending a quick reminder video is another. It reminds buyers that there’s a real person on the other end of that meeting invite, and it makes them more likely to show up (or, if necessary, take the time to reschedule).

Bonus: Video is a great fit for post-meeting touchpoints, too. Reps can turn those recap emails into video emails instead. They’re thoughtful, personal, and proven to make buyers more likely to remember the information within.

2. Show Off Your Product with Micro-Demos

Your reps are probably already using video to run product demos for buyers. But they’re likely using synchronous video (like Zoom or Teams).

Consider sending asynchronous micro-demo videos instead. The rep records a quick demo focusing on the product elements that interest the buyer. These videos don’t need to be big, involved productions; a great micro-demo can just be a series of product screenshots with some audio commentary, all only a couple of minutes long.

Buyers don’t get locked into long demo calls. Instead, they can choose to watch the micro-demo whenever they have a spare minute. They can replay specific sections to get a more detailed look at points of interest.

Video micro-demos are a great way to answer that one quick question the buyer has about a product. There’s no need to navigate their overloaded calendar to try and find a time that works for everyone. Just record, send, and press play.

See it in Action

3. Explain and Clarify Proposals

A buyer receives a pricing proposal…and then gets cold feet and disappears.

Proposify found that including a video in your proposal can increase close rates by up to 41%. Here’s how: Send the proposal as usual, but pair it with a video walking through the proposal in plain language. It’s a great opportunity to show the value baked into your proposal, as well as to explain the more complex elements in a simplified way.

See it in Action

4. Streamline Account Handoffs

Handoffs are one of the top ways a prospect can slip out of your funnel. The shift between reps can be jarring – meaning all the goodwill built by by one rep won’t automatically transfer to the next.

Video can smooth this transition. Try getting both reps on camera next to each other and shooting a quick video explaining the handoff. The presence of the previous rep, who the buyer is already comfortable with, helps lend credence to a new, unfamiliar face.

It’s Time to Get Started!

All your team needs to do to get started with video is, well, get started with video. Show your reps our library of sales video templates. It’s full of examples your reps can draw on for inspiration.

To get the best results with video, you need to use the best tools. Thousands of sales teams turn to Vidyard to record, host, and share their video messages. Your entire team can get started with Vidyard for free.

Tyler Lessard is Vidyard’s Chief Video strategist, as well as the head of the Sales Feed sellertainment network and author of The Visual Sale. He pushes sellers out of their comfort zones to capture success using the latest tips and techniques.