Survey Report: The Client Experience

By Selling Power Editors

From Sandler Systems, Inc. comes a new field study – The Client Experience – which can help sales managers better understand what their customers want and need and what they go through on the other side of the sale.

Below is the introduction to this valuable report. Read or download the entire report here.

As acquiring new clients who can freely and easily take their business elsewhere becomes costlier, our focus naturally shifts towards proactively retaining the clients we have by ensuring their needs are met and their requirements are fullled. After all, satised clients who can provide trusted recommendations are a healthy resource to combat client turnover. This is why client experience management is increasingly important for growth.

Although client success exists alongside client support, it is different in several key ways: it is pro-active rather than reactive; it aims to drive value from the product or service rather than from the resolution of issues; and is focused on the long term, rather than the short term.  

While there are varying denitions of client success, the key principles generally remain the same. Therefore, these are the ve critical areas we selected for our latest research:

  • The Client Journey
  • Identifying “Critical Moments”
  • Benchmarking for Client Satisfaction
  • Engaging the Team
  • Sustaining Symbiotic Value 

This report follows the summary of our ndings, providing an opportunity to share the observations, thoughts and recommendations, which we believe will afford you the unique opportunity to benchmark your organization’s current performance levels versus the best of the best.