7 Ways You Can Plan to Win More Sales

By Ernest W. Fair

Of all the old selling adages, the truest surely must be, “Long-term customer relationships create a profit today and a base for sales tomorrow.”

To build your sales future, plan for it today by following this seven-point program designed to produce positive results.

1. After closing a sale, suggest another product that might interest your customer.

Don’t try to make another sale on the spot. Just a mention of another product will help pave the way to a future sale. When you identify your customer’s future needs, you save selling time and effort, and you increase future sales.

2. Learn at least one new sales approach each day.

Listen to podcasts, watch videos, register for Webinars, download white papers, read blogs, join LinkedIn groups, and search for hashtags on Twitter (try #salestip or #leadership). Take advantage of the vast wealth of knowledge available to you for free.

3. Learn from your mistakes.

Each mistake can teach you a valuable lesson, and many of the best sales ideas originated from mistakes.

4. Make each sales contact a pleasure for your customers.

Listen carefully to their needs. Show them that you really care about fulfilling those needs – not just making a sale. They’ll be eager to repeat the experience in the future.

5. Write down the ideas that you have each day.

It takes only a word or two to remind you of a good idea that you can use in the future.

6. Build on the trust and confidence that your customer already has in you and your company.

Your customer should think of you first for any future needs. This doesn’t happen automatically. You have to sell that trust and confidence the way you sell any other product or service.

7. Identify new sales opportunities, or look for accounts that you are giving only half-hearted attention.

Concentrate on low-performing areas to increase your sales. Build a solid customer base today, and you’ll start turning a profit tomorrow.