Make Web Conferencing a Breeze

By Lain Ehmann

Many Web conferencing solutions sound great in theory, but fall apart when put to the test. The graphics are too complex or scaled down to use. You need expensive software or hardware. The application works only with a few participants or only reaches its full implementation when used with hundreds. Or, even when everything looks great, the application won’t work with a firewall.

If you’ve experienced any of these frustrations, it’s time to check out Macromedia Breeze, a rich Web communication system that lets you reach your audience any time with vivid multimedia content. Macromedia’s latest release, Breeze 5.0, raises the bar on online training, marketing, sales and Web conferencing. You also can forget about complicated software and hardware installs because Breeze uses Macromedia Flash Player.

Perfect for meetings with from 2 to 2,000 participants, Breeze 5.0 offers voice over IP, on-demand video and multipoint videoconferencing. It is no more complicated than PowerPoint and can be deployed as a hosted service or as licensed software you can use within your firewall. It’s also perfect for many of your international requirements because Flash Player is installed on more than 98% of browsers worldwide. In addition, Breeze 5.0 is available in several languages, including German, Japanese, French and Korean.

Breeze’s impressive customer list boasts big names in virtually every industry, including American Express, HP, Nextel, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, McDonalds, and the United States Army. Many clients use the product for educational purposes. For example, educational institutions from Southern Utah University and the Wharton School to the Academy of Art are using Breeze for distance education. While Breeze’s robustness and ease of use make it perfect for elearning, sales professionals will appreciate the ability to offer vivid presentations, demo products and training on demand. Breeze can help shorten sales cycles, reduce sales costs and increase efficiency. is one of Breeze’s biggest fans. The company used Breeze to show its customers how to make the most of’s products via fully narrated, delivered-on-demand custom training presentations via their Website. “Everyone should be using it to communicate with employees, customers, investors…. I am blown away by this technology,” says Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO of

Still not convinced? InfoWorld, eWeek, Information Week and Mac World all have given Breeze high marks. If seeing is believing – and with Web conferencing it should be – go to the Macromedia Website. There you can receive an outstanding overview of the product using, of course, Breeze. You also can sign up for a free 15-day trial, attend a free seminar or take part in a Breeze meeting.

Monthly and pay-per-use plans are available starting at $375 per month for a five-user monthly plan and $.32 per minute per user for pay-per-use, rates comparable to Microsoft Office’s Live Meeting 2005 and WebEx Meeting Center 7.

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