How to Repurpose Your Presentation

You’ve just spent hours creating a sales presentation. You know you can use the slides again for future in-person presentations by swapping out the prospect’s company name, but is there anything else can you do with those slides? Are there other ways you can leverage all the time and effort you just put into creating them? Absolutely, says Peter Ryce, evangelist for Macromedia Breeze ( By leveraging the online capabilities of a rich Web communication system such as Breeze, you can put your slides to work in myriad ways – email marketing, trade show follow-up, lead generation and more. Here are four simple things you can do with your slides to repurpose them online.

1. Add audio and video. Once you’ve finished creating your slides, you can record your voice giving the presentation and even personalize that recording for each customer. With Breeze you only need to rerecord the one or two slides where you mention the prospect and, voila, you have a new personalized presentation complete with personalized audio. Augment your message further by adding short video clips – maybe a message from your CEO or, if you can swing it, a celebrity endorsement. Video is easy to add and helps break up the parade of PowerPoint slides.

2. Insert qualifying questions. Want to learn more about the prospects viewing your presentation? Add a slide that asks them everything you want to know to qualify them. For example, you might ask about company size, budget, pain points, goals and so on. With Breeze your questions can be in several formats – multiple choice with a single answer, check-all-that-apply or open-ended essay questions that enable prospects to get into detail about, say, their most pressing pain points. You also can use your audio recording to expand on questions that might need an explanation.

3. Add a registration page. Say you’ve got a list of 1,000 names to cold call. Forget cold calling and instead email prospects your presentation with a registration page at the front that lets you collect the names, company names and email addresses of everyone who registers. If your presentation also includes a slide of qualifying questions you’ll know not only who watched your presentation but which of the leads are the best qualified. To further gauge interest, Ryce suggests adding a slide at the end of the presentation that asks whether the viewer would like to be contacted by a sales rep.

4. Branch out. You understand the significance of tailoring a presentation to the needs of audience members, but how do you do that in an emailed, online presentation? It’s simple. You create a presentation that branches out in several directions and let audience members decide which path to travel. Use one slide to ask whether they are most interested in A, B or C. Depending on the answer, your presentation then can go in the direction of the topic on which the viewer clicked. Again, you’ll be able to gather this data so you’ll know what was most interesting to which prospects.

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