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A man stands at a fork in the woods where one path is bright and the other path is dark.

5 Best Practices - Coaching During Times of Uncertainty

Uncertainty creates anxiety, and 2023 has brought plenty of it. People have faced uncertainty in the economy, geopolitical instability, uncertainty regarding new technologies, and maybe even uncertainty at what the future will hold in terms of individual employment, company performance, and ongoing...

A man meets with a woman virtually through a video meeting.

Three Keys for Closing the Year Strong: Focus on What You Can Control

Does it seem like every year we’re suddenly barreling toward the holiday season, and those of us in sales are scrambling to make quota? A...

An outstretched hand holds a compass that points east.

Five Ways Reps Can Benefit from AI-Powered Guided Selling

With AI-powered guided selling, reps get real-time insights and guidance on their sales process based on machine learning (ML), natural lang...

The headshot of Spencer Wixom

How to Achieve Sales Success in the Age of Buyer Complexity

You could say that Spencer Wixom – the new CEO of the sales training company The Brooks Group – has been around the block. In fact, Spencer...

A woman is sitting in front of three computers

Four Actionable Insights You Get from ICM Software

If you have more than 50 reps in your sales team, the pain and cost of processing sales compensation increases drastically. To avoid discrep...

A person sits behind a laptop with the lights off.

Sales Territory Optimization Hacks for Sales Teams

There are four primary steps to consider with designing, balancing, and optimizing sales territory alignments. Get the building blocks...

A computer circuit in the shape of a brain with pattern on a dark blue background.

Five Benefits to Revolutionizing Sales with Language AI

As a technologist and someone who has been fascinated by language technologies and AI since I was young, it is exciting to see the rise of A...