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Sales Onboarding: What to do when it’s not working

Original Air Date: April 26, 2022

Join us for an in-depth conversation about how to ensure your sales onboarding plan is set up for success – and more importantly, what to do when your sales onboarding plan isn’t as effective as you hoped it would be.

You will benefit from learning:

  • How to check-in with reps who struggle during the onboarding process
  • What works – and what doesn’t – when onboarding in a remote/hybrid environment
  • The elements of a best-in-class onboarding program that ensures faster time to rep productivity
  • How to gauge how your sales team learns and creative ways to adjust your onboarding program to best support those needs
Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder and CEO, Selling Power
Jared Hibbs, Sr. Sales Enablement Manager, Bigtincan
Bob Bristol, Sales Enablement Manager, Bigtincan
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