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Sales Metrics That Matter: How Mindset and Numbers Deliver Results

Sales is often called a “numbers game,” but we all know it’s more than that. Sales is also performance art, won or lost in a flicker of emotion. Mindset rules peak performance, but without volume there is no performance at all. Which begs the question: which metrics can we use to detect, understand, and address the mindset issues that are at the root of most sales performance shortfalls?

In this webinar, Chris Beall, CEO of ConnectAndSell, will tie together the world of sales metrics and peak performance mindset to help you know which numbers to pay attention to and how to use them to drive improved sales performance where it will have the greatest impact on making your number.

Moderator: Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder and CEO, Selling Power
Speaker: Chris Beall, CEO, ConnectAndSell

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