On Demand Webinar

Transforming Sales: Accelerating Sales Growth and Streamlining Processes

Companies of all sizes are evaluating their business processes to streamline workflow and improve efficiencies to accelerate sales
growth. Learn how SunGard’s Ken Powell, VP of Global Sales Enablement, led his organization of more than 1,000 sales and
marketing executives through a complete sales-transformation process. By aligning people, new processes, and technology,
SunGard has dramatically increased its effectiveness and accelerated its growth.
This Webinar will provide you with new ways to grow sales and empower your sales team:

  • Get ideas on how to help your team sell faster and more effectively.
  • Learn to deploy CRM applications seamlessly and scale to your organization’s needs.
  • Help your organization realize accelerated growth and measured ROI.

Speaker: Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder & CEO, Selling Power
Ken Powell, VP of Global Sales Enablement, SunGard
Mark Woollen, VP of Marketing, Sales Cloud, Salesforce.com
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