January 17, 2020
By Selling Power Editors

Selling Power asked a dozen sales training industry experts the following question:

What do you think will be the biggest drivers of sales training success in 2020?

Their expert insight is below.

  • Richard Barkey
    Founder and CEO

    “Modern salespeople manage customers through their buying cycle, instead of subjecting them to a linear process. Yet sales training is stuck in the past. We need to treat salespeople as customers, with their own needs, choices, concerns, and decisions to commit, adopt, and renew. Training needs to learn to sell.”

  • Norman Behar
    Managing Director
    Sales Readiness Group

    “Given the number of competing priorities, sales training often gets thrown into the mix as a “we should also include sales training.” One of the biggest drivers of sales training success in 2020 will be to take a more purposeful approach with a clear focus on training objectives.”

  • Rick Cheatham
    Chief Marketing Officer
    BTS USA, Inc.

    “Customers’ expectations for a return on the time they give to sellers continue to increase. These expectations are driving the need for stronger business acumen among sellers. Sellers need to know the industry trends, understand the people and business dynamics, and align their value to individual stakeholder priorities.”

  • Mike Esterday
    CEO and Partner
    Integrity Solutions

    “Are you focused on making a difference in customers’ lives or are you just selling product? The numbers speak for themselves: Purpose-driven organizations with strong values-based sales cultures consistently have surging sales. Training focused on building trusted customer relationships – with integrity at the core – is make or break today.”

  • Andrea Grodnitzky
    Chief Marketing Officer

    “The biggest drivers of sales training success in 2020 will be greater visibility of blended learning and performance analytics, a united sales methodology and playbook across a selling enterprise, connectedness to a sales enablement strategy, and focus on advanced selling skills that support selling in the era of digital transformation.”

  • Shannon Holmes
    DoubleDigit Sales

    “The biggest driver of sales training success lies in equipping salespeople with the skills and techniques to engage in deeper client conversations, combined with high-value sales manager coaching. The goal is to enable the transition from “something I learned in training” to “this is how I do my job every day.””

  • Dave Kurlan
    Kurlan & Associates

    “Nothing is more important to sales training success than sales managers and their ability to learn to frequently, effectively, and consistently coach to the sales process and the content. Coaching up salespeople is the key element to sales training success.”

  • Brittany Laurent
    Vice President of Strategic Development
    IMPAX Sales Performance

    “Success will come from “new school” and “old school” thinking. With a multi-generational sales force, leveraging the right training environment is key (plus providing just-in-time access to support resources and technology). Also critical is coaching and reinforcement from sales leadership and establishing an internalization plan that enables long-term use of training.”

  • Jeff Seeley
    Carew International

    “As organizations move into the next decade, the biggest driver in sales success is going to be the ability of sales teams to create value for their customers. This will challenge sales organizations and sales skill development companies as it will require that their teams of sales professionals become teams of trusted advisors.”

  • Tom Stanfill
    Founding Partner and CEO
    ASLAN Training & Development, LLC

    “Sales transformation happens one-to-one, not in a classroom. Yes, training is critical, but developing and investing in the front-line leaders should be the number one priority. Not only is it less expensive, but it can generate 44 percent higher quota attainment in the first six months.”

  • Julie Thomas
    President and CEO
    ValueSelling Associates

    “I see microlearning exploding. Sales training has to be provided to the rep – just in time, just in case, wherever and whenever they need it. Short, relevant, practical, and contextual training in an easy-to-find and easy-to-consume format is becoming a requirement and expectation.”

  • David Yesford
    Senior Vice President
    Wilson Learning

    “The evolution, depth, and accessibility of information and data enables companies to find solutions quickly and easily. Solving business problems doesn’t always equate to business growth. More than ever, salespeople must master Selling to Value and fundamentally shift from needs-based problem solving to creating value for their customers that accelerates results.”

  • Justin Zappulla
    Managing Partner
    Janek Performance Group

    “To bridge the gap between learning and implementing trained skills – and facilitate high performance by sales reps in the real world – managers need to make time for coaching and developing their team. Only through consistent, constant coaching will the reinforcement translate into permanent behavioral change and more effective sales reps.”