• Sales Management Success: Optimizing Performance to Build a Powerful Sales Team

    Sales Management Success, Building a Powerful Sales Team is literally a training program – and a super one at that! It covers eight synergistic strategies, with learning assessments and feedback, and a unique toolbox for application with the sales team. The strategies are critical for every sales manager, have been researched and validated by Porter Henry & Co. Inc., and feature the experiences of CEO, author Warren Kurzrock. The state-of-the-art strategies include field and virtual sales coaching as well as methods for enhancing sales team motivation, sales leadership, and more

  • Beat The Bots

    B2B sales professionals don’t need another complex sales methodology that just creates more work. They need something simple and practical to help them differentiate with personalized value. Using trench tales to teach a powerful thought process, "Beat the Bots" delivers what salespeople need to protect their livelihood from bots or any other competition. Finally, a book with a trustworthy, authentic, and personal voice that salespeople will actually want to read and immediately put into practice.

  • Blindspots: The Hidden Killer of Sales Coaching

    In Blindspots: The Hidden Killer of Sales Coaching, trainer, coach, and author Mark Sellers exposes a universal problem facing sales leaders – they all have blindspots that are killing coaching and leadership.

    Blindspots prevent leaders from creating emotional connections. As a result, they don’t get everything their people have to give. Performance suffers.

    To become a better leader you’ll need to confront your blindspots and embrace a paradox. In Blindspots you’ll learn how.

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