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After decades of working with sales consultants who help sales teams and executives produce better results for their companies, Selling Power is proud to introduce our 2022 List of Leading Sales Consultants. This list highlights consultants who have expertise in sales training, sales process, sales coaching, sales strategy, pricing, and more. Use this list to find and hire the sales consultant who best fits your sales teams’ needs. The list of Leading Sales Consultants is presented alphabetically, with no ranking implied.

Meet the Leading Sales Consultants in 2022

    Headshot of John Asher
    John Asher
    CEO, Asher Strategies

    John Asher is the CEO of Asher Strategies, a Washington DC-based business providing sales advisory services to clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. His company has assessed the sales aptitude (natural talent) of over 50,000 salespeople and trained over 80,000 salespeople in 22 developed countries. He is the best-selling author of "The Neuroscience of Selling" and “Close Deals Faster”, which is now in the top 3% of all business books ever sold on Amazon. John was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award as a Vistage speaker, delivering more than 1,500 presentations to over 22,000 Vistage CEOs of SME business.

    Areas of Expertise
    • Training
    • Assessment
    • Consulting
    Headshot of Mark Boundy
    Mark Boundy

    Most Salespeople are worst at the most important part of selling, which leads to a lot of wasted effort, lost sales, and unnecessary discounting. Mark Boundy focuses on that critical, widespread performance gap: creating customer-perceived value. Value focus wins more, better customers at the right prices, and creates winning, rewarding cultures. Keep your methodology, your CRM, your other tools…but build your team’s value acumen, and reap the rewards.

    Mark’s book, “Radical Value”, provides guidance to creating a value-focused culture in your sales force, and throughout your company. He speaks, consults, and teaches worldwide, and makes his home in Scottsdale, Arizona.

    Areas of Expertise
    • Value selling for differentiated products/services
    • Value pricing/discounting reduction
    • Business acumen for the trusted advisor sale
    Headshot of Mark Cox
    Mark Cox
    Founder and President, In The Funnel Sales Coaching

    Mark Cox has sold, structured, and negotiated some of the largest single-sale transactions in North America, including a billion-dollar transaction with a top-10 U.S. bank. Mark founded In the Funnel Sales Coaching (ITF) with the mission to dramatically improve the performance and professionalism of B2B sales teams. With a focus on strategy, process, tools, and discipline, ITF has helped hundreds of companies achieve predictable double-digit sales growth through sales enablement consulting and private custom sales training. ITF leverages post-training Coaching Calls and their online learning academy to ensure their sales training results in positive, permanent behavioral change.

    Areas of Expertise
    • Sales enablement consulting
    • Private custom sales training
    • Online sales training
    Headshot of John E. Flannery
    John E. Flannery
    President, Flannery Sales System LLC

    John works with his customers to develop specific revenue generation programs based around sales process. He also provides them with the supporting implementation services to help companies maximize their investment and drive results.

    With 35 years of sales, sales management, and business ownership experience, John has a comprehensive understanding of how sales organizations run. After 10 years in two Fortune 500 companies, he founded, built, and sold his own business in the wireless industry. As the lead sales executive in a multinational organization, John drove the implementation of sales process into that company.

    The Flannery Sales Systems team has worked with customers across 17 countries in North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, and the attendees of these programs represent 21 different languages.

    Areas of Expertise
    • Sales Process
    • Sales Coaching
    • Sales Training
    Headshot of Nigel Green
    Nigel Green
    Sales Team Architect, Nigel Green

    Nigel Green is a sought-after sales advisor, author of Revenue Harvest, and the widely-regarded authority on improving sales team performance. He has worked with dozens of B2B sales teams to more than double sales results. With 10+ years of executive experience ranging from Fortune 500 companies to early-stage growth companies, he works with executives who want to improve sales team performance. His insights have been featured in top business publications like Forbes, Inc. Magazine, Fast Company, and Business Insider. As a consultant and advisor he can help any sales team with big sales goals experience consistent sales growth.

    Areas of Expertise
    • Sales team architecture, design, and structure
    • Executive sales leadership coaching
    • Sales team training program development
    Headshot of Alice Heiman
    Alice Heiman
    Founder & Chief Sales Energizer, ALICE HEIMAN, LLC

    As Chief Sales Energizer, Alice is nationally known for her expertise in elevating sales to increase valuation for companies with a B2B sale that have exceptional growth potential. Spending her time strategizing with CEOs, and their leadership teams to build the strategies that find new business and grow existing accounts is her passion. She’s the host of the popular podcast, Sales Talk for CEOs and she teaches sales at the University of Nevada in the entrepreneurship minor. Her clients love her spirit and the way she energizes their sales organization.

    Areas of Expertise
    • Sales management
    • Complex sales
    • Sales strategy for CEOs
    Headshot of Peter Horwing
    Peter Hörwing
    CEO, Chart Learning Solutions

    Peter Hörwing, CEO of Chart Learning Solutions with vast experience of global tech companies. "The world changed with the pandemic – the turning point where online training with live virtual coaching got full power. We developed 120 online sales training courses, each with coaching material, individual assessments and technology to secure knowledge transfer. I knew that best practices are to be found within a corporation but you need to create an environment that both welcomes and stimulates change. This is what we are doing together with customers. Chart Sales Academy brings a turn-key solution to small & medium fast-growing companies."

    Areas of Expertise
    • Online sales training with live virtual coaching
    • Your Sales Academy for fast-growing companies
    • Building your winning Sales Playbook
    Headshot of Lisa Leitch
    Lisa Leitch
    Sales Strategist, Trainer & Coach, Teneo Results

    Lisa is driven by the mantra – Be Strategic. Be Pro-active. Be Brave. – and has been successfully training and coaching sales leaders and their teams to do the same for over 15 years. As the President of Teneo Results since 2003, she has trained thousands of sales professionals at more than 250 companies across North America. She transitions salespeople away from the standard “product & price” approach to having purposeful business conversations with their customers that drive results.

    Areas of Expertise
    • Sales effectiveness & improvement analysis – evaluating teams before, during, and after training
    • Leading & coaching with a high-performing, customer focused culture
    • Sales skill pathway mapping
    Headshot of Andy Miller
    Andy Miller

    Andy Miller is CEO of Big Swift Kick, an international sales strategy and sales performance firm that helps middle market companies accelerate sales. He is responsible for helping companies generate $5.7 billion in new business. Clients include well-known tech companies, private equity firms, and business gurus Tony Robbins, Chet Holmes, and Jay Abraham. He is a Vistage Top 100 Speaker and advisor to 138 sales consultants. Andy has lectured at Georgetown University and Wharton School of Business, has been featured in Newsweek and on CNN, and has authored seven books on business growth.

    Areas of Expertise
    • Recruiting and selecting sales reps, sales managers, and sales leaders
    • Sales team analysis, effectiveness, and optimization
    • Sales strategy
    Headshot of Skip Miller
    Skip Miller
    Founder and President, M3 Learning

    Skip Miller is Founder and President of M3 Learning, a ProActive Sales and Sales Management Training Company based in the heart of Silicon Valley. Skip has provided training to hundreds of companies in over 38 countries. He created M3 Learning to “make a salesperson better on each individual call.” M3 Learning’s signature selling methodology, ProActive Selling™, is unique in its high-definition focus on the tactics of selling and proactive sales cycle control. Skip is also the author seven books, as well as the runaway bestseller, ProActive Sales Management, which was #1 by Amazon for five consecutive years. His latest book is Outbounding. Skip can be reached at

    Areas of Expertise
    • Sales tactics
    • Sales process
    • Sales management
    Headshot of Tim O'Conner
    Tim O'Connor

    Tim blazed a trail this year in the new realm of virtual selling. He successfully guided numerous organizations through one of the most transformative years in sales history. His clients quickly pivoted and executed new sales strategies and tactics. Using Tim’s P2P Ratio™ they learned the new preparation methods necessary to perform and execute in an ever-changing landscape. He helped several Fortune 500 clients redesign their sales training programs to virtual formats. In fact, they report higher ROI on these training programs than ever before.

    Areas of Expertise
    • Sales force training and development
    • Sales process design and implementation
    • Sales management, coaching, and reinforcement
    Headshot of C. Lee Smith
    C. Lee Smith
    CEO, SalesFuel

    C. Lee Smith is one of the country’s foremost experts on developing high-performing sales teams. A Certified Behavioral Analyst, he has more than 30 years of experience in sales and sales management. He created AdMall®, the nation’s leading provider of consultative sales intelligence, and TeamTrait™, which uses psychometric assessments to identify high-potential sales candidates and evaluate an organization's current team strengths, weaknesses and job fit. Lee is the author of “SalesCred: How Buyers Qualify Sellers” and “Hire Smarter, Sell More!”, a dynamic keynote speaker, C-Suite Network Advisor and co-host of the Manage Smarter™ podcast.

    Areas of Expertise
    • Sales credibility
    • Sales hiring
    • Pre-call research

Note: This list is organized in alphabetical order; no priority or ranking is implied.