Over three decades, the Selling Power team has made connections with a vast network of sales consultants. Now we’re pleased to share a limited selection of that network with our audience in our 2019 List of Highly Recommended Sales Consultants. Anyone you see named on this list has a high level of expertise and experience, and a proven track record of excellent results. This list focuses specifically on well-rounded sales consultants qualified to address a variety of sales management challenges. Each consultant appears on the list in alphabetical order, with no ranking implied.

  • Trainer, thinker, rainmaker, storyteller. Tom is passionate about eliminating the “F-word” among sales teams (and, no, it’s not the one you are thinking of; the F-word Tom fights against is “fine”). Fine salespeople are average; they are transactional; they are like Lego® bricks…interchangeable parts. To achieve exceptional growth, your salespeople need to be trusted advisors, not transactional vendors. At Brookeside, Tom has established a cross-industry, patented approach to quickly help salespeople become trusted advisors and reap the business results that follow. Tom is a recognized high-energy international speaker, known for his natural storytelling that inspires audiences to achieve greatness.

    Areas of Expertise
    • Succeeding in high-value, complex sales environments
    • Customer loyalty and cross-selling/up-selling
    • storyCRAFTING: using business storytelling to communicate with impact
  • Headshot of Andy Miller
    Andy Miller
    CEO, Big Swift Kick

    Andy Miller is CEO of Big Swift Kick, a 25-year international sales strategy/performance consulting firm that helps companies achieve exponential growth. With his world-class expertise in sales assessments and predictive analytics, he guides clients in hiring quota-busting salespeople and improving their sales team’s performance. Under his guidance, clients have generated $5.7 billion+ in new business. Andy is a sought-after speaker, a top 100 Vistage speaker, and a recognized authority on sales strategy/assessments. He has lectured at Wharton and McDonough and been featured in Newsweek, CNN, and in seven books on business growth.

    Areas of Expertise
    • Sales consulting
    • Using sales assessments for hiring top salespeople and evaluating sales
    • Best ways to increase revenue and sales team performance
  • William "Skip" Miller
    Founder and President, M3 Learning

    Skip Miller is founder and president of M3 Learning, a ProActive sales and sales management training company based in the heart of Silicon Valley. Skip has provided training to hundreds of companies in more than 38 countries. He created M3 Learning to “make a salesperson better on each individual call.” M3 Learning’s signature selling methodology, ProActive Selling™, is unique in its high-definition focus on the tactics of selling and proactive sales cycle control. Skip is also the author six books, as well as the bestseller ProActive Sales Management, which has been ranked number one by Amazon for five consecutive years and has become the classic textbook for sales managers – both new and seasoned alike.

    Areas of Expertise
    • Sales process consulting
    • Sales training
    • Sales management training and consulting
  • Jay Mitchell
    Founder and President, Mereo LLC

    Jay Mitchell is an accomplished entrepreneur and sales and marketing thought leader who has invested over two decades in the revenue performance of market leaders worldwide, including Ariba, Pitney Bowes, Accel-KKR, Ortho, Ace Hardware, Miller Heiman, SAP, Vistage, and more. He has served in a variety of roles, including president, CEO, CRO, CMO, board member, and investor to more than 150 innovative champions. As Mereo’s founder and president, Jay brings a passion for aligning companies’ marketing and sales infrastructure as well as a dedication to Mereo’s purpose – Seek to Serve, Not to Sell™ – in his work with Mereo’s clients.

    Areas of Expertise
    • Sales enablement
    • Sales and marketing alignment
    • Value messaging
  • Tom Stanfill is CEO and co-founder of ASLAN Training, a global sales training company with six consecutive years in the Selling Power Top 20. Since 1996, ASLAN has worked with many of the largest sales organizations in the world, training more than 50,000 sellers and leaders in more than 33 countries. Through numerous speaking engagements and published articles, Tom is widely recognized as a thought leader in selling and sales leadership. His passion: helping organizations and individuals embrace the idea that we are more successful and fulfilled when we serve.

    Areas of Expertise
    • Bridging gaps in your existing training programs while improving how you communicate your solution to varied levels of decision makers
    • Developing a customer-focused approach to managing an opportunity, account, or territory
    • Certifying your leadership to drive change; providing tools to automate and simplify coaching and rep development
  • Bill Stinnett
    Founder and President, Sales Excellence, Inc.

    Bill Stinnett is a sales consultant, trainer, and bestselling author in demand by some of the world’s largest and most successful sales organizations. In recent years, Bill has become a leading expert in leveraging technology to drive sales growth and sales team development. Bill helps companies apply cutting-edge solutions such as live-video and on-demand learning platforms (including LMS and CRM) to bring a world-class learning experience to their sales teams wherever they are in the world. Many of Bill’s clients have been able to dramatically reduce time out of the field while saving 60-75 percent of the cost of traditional training models.

    Areas of Expertise
    • Transforming LMS and CRM into the empowerment tools they should be
    • Digitalization of sales learning and development, including live and on-demand video
    • Strategic sales-transformation solutions tailored to fit your sales environment
  • Charlie Thackston
    President, SOAR Performance Group

    Charlie Thackston has a passion for helping companies grow. This passion led to the founding of SOAR Performance Group, a consulting and training company, where he serves as president. SOAR Performance Group has a constant focus on helping clients drive changes in go-to-market strategy, sales approach, and sales skills to achieve new levels of performance. His prior experience includes sales and marketing leadership roles for early-stage venture capital-backed technology companies. He is the author of Change Velocity: The Secret to Leading a Successful Sales Transformation and earned his master’s degree in business from the University of Georgia.

    Areas of Expertise
    • Revenue acceleration through sales transformation initiatives
    • Elevating team performance through sales leadership and team development
    • Pivoting go-to-market approach through coverage model and talent alignment
  • Headshot of Julie Thomas
    Julie Thomas
    President and CEO, ValueSelling Associates

    Julie Thomas, president and CEO of ValueSelling Associates, is a business consultant, coach, facilitator, speaker, and author of ValueSelling: Driving Sales Up One Conversation at a Time. She has led ValueSelling Associates to become an award-winning industry leader in competency- and process-based training that measurably improves sales performance in B2B organizations around the world. With a commitment to driving results, Julie and her team have expanded the reach of the ValueSelling Framework sales methodology to more than 20 countries – delivering customized sales training in more than 16 languages and enhancing the sales skills of hundreds of thousands of sales and marketing professionals.

    Areas of Expertise
    • Sales training and methodology that drive your revenue engine
    • Selling on value, not price
    • Coaching to accelerate sales performance
  • Todd Zaugg
    Founder and CEO, Matrix Achievement Group

    As CEO of Matrix Achievement Group, Todd works with some of the biggest brands by providing innovative solutions for the modern sales force, including award-winning mobile training solutions that automate personal development plans with more than 166 micro-learning best practices for salespeople and managers. Matrix inspires and accelerates talent development by leveraging the latest research on human behavior while solving some of the biggest problems affecting companies today: sales, profit margin, customer loyalty, engagement, talent selection, and retention.

    Areas of Expertise
    • Sales training
    • Sales leadership and management development
    • Mobile: automated, personalized, micro learnings, ROI

Note: This list is sponsored and is organized in alphabetical order; no priority or ranking is implied.