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After decades of working with sales consultants who help sales teams and executives produce better results for their companies, Selling Power is proud to introduce our 2018 List of Leading Sales Consultants. This list focuses specifically on consultants who have expertise in sales training and coaching, and it will help you find and hire the sales consultant who best fits your training and coaching needs. The list of Leading Sales Consultants is presented alphabetically, with no ranking implied.

    Headshot of Matt Conway
    Matt Conway

    Matt Conway is an advisor, executive coach, and speaker on go-to-market strategy, C-level prospecting, and sales acceleration. Clients who work with him say they dramatically accelerate their growth, time to revenue, sales cycles, and improve their win rates.

    Areas of Expertise
    • Go-to-market strategy development
    • Leadership and sales behavior
    • Executive, sales leader and individual contributor coaching and mentoring (business and personal)
    • C-level prospecting strategy and copywriting
    • Speaking and training (C-level prospecting, value-creating business conversations, awareness, Peak Performance Mindset)
    Headshot of Dustin Dart
    Dustin Dart
    CEO, Ascent Peak Performance

    Business owners and sales leaders reach out to Dustin Dart when they know they have potential to grow sales and capture market share. Dustin Dart – a renowned sales trainer, consultant, sales coach, and president of Ascent Peak Performance – is on a mission to change the way salespeople interact with clients, engage prospects, and increase sales. He trains and coaches all aspects of the sales process with distinct programs in “The 10 Metrics of Sales Success.” Dustin is also the author of several sales books, most recently Open the Sale.

    Areas of Expertise
    • Sales coaching
    • Sales workshops
    • Lead generation
    • Sales process engineering
    • Strategic planning
    Headshot of Jeffrey Gitomer
    Jeffrey Gitomer
    King of Sales, Gitomer

    Jeffrey Gitomer is the author of 15 best-selling books. He’s a creative, on-the-edge writer and speaker whose expertise on sales, customer loyalty, and personal development is world renowned. He is known for presentations, seminars, and keynote addresses that are funny, insightful, in your face, real world, off the wall, and on the money. Jeffrey gives his audience information they can take out in the street one minute after the seminar is over and turn it into money. His podcast Sell or Die, with co-host Jennifer Gluckow, gets more than 100,000 downloads a month. Jeffrey was inducted into the National Speaker Association’s Speaker Hall of Fame. He is the King of Sales.

    Areas of Expertise
    • Sales
    • Customer loyalty
    • Personal development
    • Positive attitude
    • Online training
    Headshot of Jennifer Gluckow
    Jennifer Gluckow
    CEO and Founder, Sales in a NY Minute

    Jennifer’s a speaker, trainer, writer, blogger, Facebooker, Instagrammer, Tweeter, YouTuber, and podcaster. She is online, on point, and on the money. Her podcast Sell or Die, with co-host Jeffrey Gitomer, gets more than 100,000 downloads a month. Jennifer founded Sales in a New York Minute to share her passion and strategies for success with salespeople and businesses worldwide. She’s the author of Sales in a New York Minute: 212 Pages of Real World and Easy to Implement Strategies to Make More Sales, Build Loyal Relationships, and Make More Money. Follow Jen to increase sales and make more profit...all the way to the bank.

    Areas of Expertise
    • Sales
    • Speaking
    • Networking
    • Consulting
    • Business development
    Headshot of Christine Harrington
    Christine Harrington
    Sales Educator and Coach, The Savvy Sales Lady

    After 40+ years in the corporate insurance sales environment, I’ve learned one thing: It takes more than a sales process to be successful. That’s why, as a sales coach, I’m passionate about bringing the missing link to my professional clients who find themselves struggling or have the desire to achieve a higher level of success. I help my clients strengthen and rewire their mindset in order to restore their sales success in a more complete way. Contact me today to learn how a Peak Performance Mindset can make a difference in your sales life. Call me at 317/645-8098.

    Areas of Expertise
    • B2B selling
    • B2C selling
    • Cold calling strategies
    • Referral stategies
    • Training and coaching
    Headshot of Alice Heiman
    Alice Heiman
    Founder and Chief Sales Officer, Alice Heiman

    Alice Heiman has been helping companies increase sales for over 20 years. Her firm specializes in the complex sale – strategizing with sales teams to find new business and grow existing accounts. Alice has worked with some of the largest companies in the world and now focuses on privately-held companies that need to grow their sales organization and increase sales quickly. Alice began developing her sales expertise at Miller Heiman and, yes, she is the daughter of co-founder Stephen Heiman. She and her team incorporate the newest research and best practices to provide sales programs that bring about sustainable change.

    Areas of Expertise
    • Sales management
    • Complex sales
    • Sales strategy
    • Key account strategy
    • Lead management
    Headshot of Mark Hunter
    Mark Hunter
    CSP, "The Sales Hunter"

    Mark Hunter, CSP – "The Sales Hunter" – is recognized as an expert in sales, leadership, and profitability and is best known for impacting organizations through his high-energy presentations. This level of experience is at the core of every program he delivers to thousands of people each year, as well as in his books High-Profit Prospecting and High-Profit Selling.

    Areas of Expertise
    • Prospecting
    • Pricing
    • Profitability
    • Sales Leadership
    • Sales Motivation
    Headshot of Anthony Iannarino
    Anthony Iannarino
    Speaker, Coach, and Consultant, The Sales Blog

    Anthony Iannarino is an international speaker, coach, and consultant. He is also the author of two bestselling books: The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need and The Lost Art of Closing: Winning the 10 Commitments That Drive Sales. His third book, Eat Their Lunch: Winning Customers Away from Your Competition, will be released on October 16, 2018. Anthony works with sales organizations that are engaged in the process of transforming by adopting a 21st-Century consultative sales approach to complex, B2B sales.

    Areas of Expertise
    • Value creation
    • Building consensus
    • Competitive displacements
    • Commitment-gaining
    • Consultative insight-led sales
    Headshot of Karen Kennedy
    Karen Kennedy
    CEO, Insights to Growth

    Karen is CEO of Insights to Growth – "The People Whisperer for Business™" and a Predictive Index® Certified Partner. With a 20-year career built on business revolutions and evolutions, Karen has a proven record of designing high-functioning sales teams that deliver results for companies of all sizes (ranging from $5 million to $110 billion), including Hewlett Packard, Dun & Bradstreet, and BrightView. Insights to Growth helps sales VPs, CSOs, and CROs benchmark sales roles and then use behavioral and cognitive assessments to determine the best fit person for each role, each leader, each team. It’s 2018 – so let’s bring science into your people decisions!

    Areas of Expertise
    • Talent assessments
    • Science-based hiring
    • Personality profiles
    • Sales culture building
    • Workforce optimization
    Headshot of Steve Kraner
    Steve Kraner
    Sales Team Trainer, Software Sales Gurus

    Steve Kraner and his clients advance our understanding of the optimum approach to selling through testing. The data proves that top performing salespeople conduct conversations differently from their peers. If you have tried programs like Challenger and SPIN, you may have found the initial enthusiasm fades. As a result, you try to sustain new skills with new coaching technology, but find your team needs more specific guidance on HOW to do what the creators of new call coaching tools, like Gong.IO, tell them to do. If so, the Software Sales Gurus sales mastery process will produce the results you want.

    Areas of Expertise
    • Software and SaaS training
    • Software Sales bootcamp
    • Software and SaaS sales process
    • Sales management training
    • Mastery (Ongoing skill-building after initial deployment to ensure adoption)
    Headshot of Mike Kunkle
    Mike Kunkle
    Founder and Sales Transformation Architect, Transforming Sales Results

    Mike Kunkle is a highly-respected sales transformation architect and internationally-recognized sales training and sales enablement consultant. Mike has spent 34 years in the sales profession and 24 years as a corporate leader or consultant, helping companies drive dramatic revenue growth through best-in-class learning strategies and his proven-effective sales transformation methodologies. Today, Mike is the founder and sales transformation architect for Transforming Sales Results, LLC. He consults, advises, writes, speaks, leads Webinars, designs sales learning systems that get results, and guides clients through all aspects of their sales transformations.

    Areas of Expertise
    • Sales enablement
    • Sales effectiveness
    • Sales training
    • Sales transformation
    • Sales consulting
    Headshot of Dave Kurlan
    Dave Kurlan
    Founder and CEO, Objective Management Group

    Dave Kurlan is a top-rated speaker, best-selling author, radio show host, successful entrepreneur, and sales development industry pioneer. Dave is the founder and CEO of Objective Management Group (OMG) – named the top sales assessment tool for seven consecutive years – and Kurlan & Associates, a global sales consulting firm. He has written two books, including the best-seller Baseline Selling, and contributed to many others, including Stepping Stones, with co-authors Deepak Chopra and Jack Canfield. His blog, Understanding the Sales Force, was named the top sales and marketing blog for seven consecutive years, and Dave was a 2012 inductee into the Sales & Marketing Hall of Fame.

    Areas of Expertise
    • Sales process
    • Sales training
    • Sales force evaluation and candidate assessments
    • Sales leadership training and coaching
    • Sales recruiting
    Headshot of Mario Martinez
    Mario Martinez Jr.
    CEO and Founder, Vengreso

    Mario is the CEO and founder of Vengreso, and has spent 83 consecutive quarters in B2B sales and leadership. He is one of 20 sales influencers invited to appear in the Salesforce documentary film The Story of Sales, premiering in 2018, and has been named one of 2018’s Top 10 Sales Influencers by The Modern Sale magazine. Mario is the host of the popular Selling with Social podcast.

    Areas of Expertise
    • Digital selling
    • Selling with video
    • Content for sales enablement
    • Social selling
    • Personal branding
    Headshot of C. Lee Smith
    C. Lee Smith
    President and CEO, SalesFuel

    C. Lee Smith is one of the country’s foremost experts on developing high-performing sales teams, sales coaching, sales enablement, leadership, and workplace culture. Lee is the creator of SalesFuel COACH, a revolutionary new platform for coaching sales personnel through adaptive learning and micro-learning. He previously created AdMall® – the nation’s leading provider of consultative sales intelligence for local advertising and digital media sales. Lee is a dynamic keynote speaker, C-suite network advisor and co-host of the popular Manage Smarter™ podcast. Lee is also a Gitomer Certified Advisor: one of an elite group of professionals worldwide licensed to train and consult using the works of Jeffrey Gitomer. Smith has an executive leadership certificate from Cornell University and is a graduate of Ohio University.

    Areas of Expertise
    • Sales coaching
    • Sales research
    • Leadership and management
    • Media and marketing
    • Hiring and selection
    Headshot of Michelle Vazzana
    Michelle Vazzana
    CEO, Vantage Point Performance

    Michelle Vazzana is CEO of Vantage Point Performance, the leading global sales effectiveness firm. Vazzana is author of Crushing Quota: Proven Sales Coaching Tactics for Breakthrough Performance, due out in October 2018, and co-author of Cracking the Sales Management Code: The Secrets to Measuring and Managing Sales Performance. Vantage Point’s research-based methods solve the following sales problems:

    • Identification of key buying situations and associated sales approaches that lead to wins
    • Training that leverages practices of high performers to dramatically improve close rates
    • Establishment of sales management practices that get more salespeople to quota

    Areas of Expertise
    • Research-validated sales situation and strategy identification
    • Sales strategy and tactic development to enable agile selling
    • Sales management process and practice development
    • Strategy activation through tailored training and reinforcement solutions for both salespeople and sales managers
    • World-class sales force diagnostics and analytics

Note: This list is sponsored and is organized in alphabetical order; no priority or ranking is implied.

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