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May 24, 2016

How Top Gun Sales Training Drives Performance for Sales

By Selling Power Editors

Want to grow a highly successful sales team? What you need is a system of support and reinforcement to consistently drive sales mastery.

That’s according to Steve Osborne, CEO of Top Gun Sales Performance. To improve skills, Top Gun uses a blended training approach combining online and instructor-led lessons. This is followed by constant reinforcement every few days on mobile devices.

Why Sales Training Must Be an “Ongoing Event”

What many sales managers fail to understand about sales training is that it must be a continual process – not a one-time event. Otherwise, new skills simply don’t turn into permanent behaviors. And that’s a waste of training time.

That’s why Top Gun offers a whole suite of ongoing support. The company can teach specific skills, but prefers to identify all the skills necessary to perform well at each company and then improve these skills in all sales reps. Osborne emphasizes it is essential to improve coaching and first-line managers as well.

Added Support: Sales Materials and More

Top Gun also works with execs, sales managers, and salespeople to develop the most effective sales materials for each product and market. These can be PowerPoint® slides, tools for improving a customer’s ROI on purchasing products and services, or effective illustrations of critical selling points.

Uniquely, Top Gun has both a process and its own Web-based system for ensuring managers know sales reps’ competencies and what they must do to improve. “Think of it as a combination of a learning management system, mobile learning, coaching, and reinforcement,” Osborne explains.

Without such a system, it is impossible for an exec with more than 20 reps to even know how good these reps are at each essential skill – let alone improve skills. That’s a big problem for improving the overall performance of the sales team. Top Gun gets each company’s best sales practices out to the sales force quickly and effectively.

Increasing Revenue Without Increasing Headcount

Finally, if companies want to conserve the time of sales reps, Top Gun can take responsibility for generating high-quality leads or doing inside sales. This increases revenue without increasing headcount. Top Gun has its own lead data, works with clients on acquiring more lead lists, and can even accompany client reps to trade shows to maximize lead generation.

Top Gun’s inside salespeople can handle inbound calls and proactively make outbound calls. They can pass new leads and prospects to client salespeople or pursue them to close. All call data is entered in the client’s own CRM system. Osborne says his firm is practically alone in backing up these broad performance-improving services with a robust technology infrastructure.

If you’re interested in exploring sales-training options with Top Gun, contact Steve Osborne at or visit Top Gun Sales Performance at

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