The Cyborg Salesman: Using AI to Grow Your Team

By Brian Podolak, CEO and Co-Founder, Vocodia
A yellow Wall-e holds and looks at a plant in his hand.

We have always used machines to streamline work – from windmills to grind grain to automated machines to build cars. With sales, however, this is more difficult. While many tools, such as Salesforce, have helped salespeople organize their work, there were none that truly eased and automated the burden of outbound sales, until Vocodia.

Co-founders Brian Podolak and Jimmy Sposato met in projects for other companies. Brian has a background in hardware and network applications, along with managing telemarketing systems. Jimmy’s background is in software engineering and development. Sharing a frustration with human limitations and lack of persistence compared to a computer, Brian and Jimmy decided to combine forces to create a sales platform that was fully controllable and scalable to manage customers and orders without limitations. The two began working with AI to create a sales assistant that delivers a human-like objection-handling experience for prospective customers.

In simple terms, Digital Intelligent Sales Agent (DISA), Vocodia’s AI, enhances sales and customer service representatives by handling the most time-consuming parts of their jobs. “80% of sales is dialing, initial introductions, and presentations,” says Vocodia CEO Brian Podolak, “DISA automates these tasks and allows salespeople to focus more on actually selling.”

AI working in sales enables unprecedented levels of efficiency and effectiveness. DISA handles human objections, vets prospects, and brings sales departments closer to a point of sale. DISA automatically calls and presents in a conversational, persuasive manner. Then, after introductions, DISA transfers the customer to a human sales representative to deal with more personal sales processes such as licensing.

This technology allows companies and organizations to designate sales and revenue flow with perfect precision. It reduces sales and all related costs into clear, hourly labor units with the mystery of efficacy removed – letting companies adjust their market stimulation and sales campaigns and removing significant risk from the equation for businesses, because there is no more percentage of failure to investment of costs to scale human campaigns.

In the era of the Internet, telecommunications is more relevant than ever. Service is expected 24/7, and sales and customer service have devolved with a lack of human availability. Representatives need to be able to meet these needs quickly and conveniently. Hiring a large enough team may not be tenable, and companies that go offshore run into language barriers – making it difficult for consumers in both communication and trust.

“If you have called or chatted with customer service lately, for a number of growing companies, we are seeing wait times grow into hours and days,” Brian Podolak says. “This is untenable!”

That’s where Vocodia fits in: to be the last mile to automation in communications at the human level. While initially focused on the enterprise level, Vocodia is now beginning to work with individual sales reps within certain industries and verticals. Access and availability are key to the company, and scalability is instant – both up and down – to meet the needs of customers, campaigns, and sales teams. As Brian puts it, “Our company is open to all who want to save money and scale operations.”

Vocodia makes buying, selling, and educating – and easy access to information across the globe regardless of time, language, and culture – the standard for sales. DISA is automated for convenience, scale, and cost management.

More information on how DISA can help your sales department can be found at

Brian’s ability to approach direct sales from an IT perspective helped build Vocodia’s signature offering, DISA, into one of the industry’s most promising conversational AI solutions.