How to Lead Your Sales Force to Peak Performance with Zoom (or Any Online Meeting Platform)

By Gil Peretz

Tip 1: Record for coaching.
Ask your team in advance to record Zoom meetings (if the customer gives permission). One way to get the customer’s approval is to provide a reason for recording, such as for “company purposes” or “internal use for learning.”

As a head coach for sales management performance, I use the transcribing feature of the call on Zoom and later analyze it for coaching purposes. With that, I have developed a five-step process to coach your team to peak performance using meeting recordings.

Tip 2: Lead your salespeople to interview your most satisfied customers on Zoom.
Here is the mission for each of them:

  • Take advantage of your time at home and ask a loyal customer to meet with you for a 20-minute “no-sale” Zoom meeting.
  • Share with them in advance that you need some help and that you’d like to interview them on Zoom, to later show to prospects. Promise them in advance that, after you edit the interview, you will send it to them for final approval.

If you do one interview per day, in less than a month you will double and triple the power to influence and sell with the leverage of your customers’ perspectives.

You never know when you could use a 45-second interview clip to close a deal.

And, needless to say, when you close a deal with some help from others, you should surprise them with a thank-you note or a creative gift to show them you care.

Tip 3: Start the day with Zoom.
Start your mornings with an “energy Zoom meeting” to inspire your sales force, set daily objectives, share feedback from yesterday’s meetings, and lead them to peak performance. This meeting allows you to be present on the daily even though you all are distant.

Tip 4: Use the double-team sales call.
In regular times when you aren’t staying home, it’s expensive to have two salespeople driving or flying to a customer. But now, when you can speak to another employee through the press of a Zoom button, you can help each other.

If you have a crucial meeting, have someone from your team join the video call. That way:

  • One of you can lead while the other pays more attention to the customer and any objections.
  • You can switch roles during the meeting – creating a more energetic and fun experience.
  • You can take advantage of the fact that two minds are better than one. You need a team!
  • It shows the customer your company’s values. People may forget what you say, but they never forget how you made them feel.
  • You can both discuss the situation after the meeting is over – benefiting and coaching each other. That’s a win-win.

Tip 5: Train them weekly.
Training should be done weekly. Even 90 minutes once a week, every week for a year, can lead your sales force to peak performance.

Gil Peretz is an international TEDx speaker, sales expert, author of Intimate Marketing, and co-author of Obama’s Secrets: How to Speak and Communicate with Power and a Little Magic. Watch his TEDx talk, “The Secret to a Fulfilling Life = Surprise!” or contact him at