February 6, 2013

Five Tips for Achieving Consistent Success

By Gerhard Gschwandtner

Of the more than 1,200 books on the subject of success, how many deal with the subject of consistent success? What makes some companies grow over the course of 90 years, while 80 percent of all new businesses fold within five? Why do some CEOs stay at the top of their corporation for two decades, while others get axed after a few years? Why do some salespeople stay in the top 10 percent year after year, while others never reach the top half?

Structure and operation are two concepts that apply equally to companies and individuals who want to achieve consistent success. Here is a short list of attributes Selling Power has gleaned from studying consistently successful people:

1. Success begins with strong core values. We can choose a philosophy of how to live, work, and succeed. Our chances for success will improve if we consciously define what we want to get out of life and plan to give back to society.

2. Develop razor-sharp focus on a life goal or mission. Successful people know that new information tends to erode existing knowledge, and old knowledge often interferes with understanding new information. Keep your goals safe from erosion. Create a safe place in your mind where all personal-development ideas converge.

3. Become the architect of a consistently successful life. Consistently successful people assume a dual responsibility: they are the architects and builders of their lives. Architects create blueprints; consistently successful people develop life-design strategies. Set aside a few hours each week to improve your blueprint for lifetime success.

4. Manage career decisions wisely. All careers involve a series of takeoffs and landings. During periods of downsizing, middle managers typically experience rough landings. Individuals can no longer depend on organizations to provide consistent opportunities for success. People have to think about creating their own structure and design their lives around their own needs, talents, and capabilities. Remember that you often find more success by digging deeper right where you are than by taking your spade across the street.

5. Be more persistent and become consistent. There is a difference between having a good time and having a good life. A lucky lottery ticket can make you a millionaire overnight, but it won’t make you a consistently successful person. Think of a consistently successful life as a near-perfect golf swing that can be achieved only by practicing every day, year after year, decade after decade. Daily practice assures you membership in the exclusive club of consistently successful people.

Think about your current level of success. How can you expand on it? How can you make your success last longer? How can you avoid downward career trends? Consider your possibilities. It’s your life – isn’t it worth making the investment now to achieve consistent success?