To Grow, Learn to Soak Up Knowledge

By paula a. stark

Pour a little water on a dry sponge, and what happens? It becomes softer, more pliable and flexible. Add a little more water, and it gets even more flexible. The more water it gets, the more usable it becomes.Imagine that your brain is a sponge and knowledge is water. Don’t let your brain become dry and stiff. By filling your brain with knowledge, you allow room for expansion. Everything you see, do, hear, read and live is water for your sponge — water which maintains flexibility and success.

Remember, however, that continuing to pour water on a sponge will cause it to become saturated and temporarily useless. In the same way that you have to use the sponge, you have to apply your knowledge. Organize and enhance your knowledge. Make it ready to work for you. Then go out and test it in the real world.