Hit The Links

By Bob Beck

Does your sales organization preach to the sales team the mantra of executive access? If so, salespeople probably are instructed to sell higher up the organizational chart to the folks in the so-called C -suites. There’s just one slight problem: most traditionally trained, quota-driven sales reps know little about selling to line executives and probably wouldn’t know what to say if they did happen to land a coveted corner-office meeting.

Most salespeople approach decision makers with a generic pitch and seldom connect their product or service to the issues keeping executives awake at night. In today’s business environment, however, executives need more help then ever and welcome trusted advisors with open arms. Executives buy because they feel understood, not because they understand the product or services salespeople are selling. To truly provide a consultative sales approach, reps must be able to relate to the executives that need their help, but most salespeople lack the necessary knowledge and experience.

To cross this barrier, the strategic sales experts at Sales Builders have developed Executive Link, a unique browser-based software tool designed to help sales professionals become more comfortable selling to specific executive-level decision-makers. Addressing the main verticals of healthcare, the public sector, manufacturing, banking, retail, telecommunications, logistics, insurance and the service industry, Executive Link exposes users to the roles played by key executives and shares current industry trends and news as well as terminology unique to that industry.

The program also provides insight into common solutions to these executives’ challenges and allows users to link their case studies, competitive information and past proposals to generate the ideal approach to target individual executives. Executive Link then offers the ability to take the information gained from the browser-based system and automatically populate sales strategy documents to give you the best opportunity to close business and increase revenues.

Using Executive Link, salespeople can become more comfortable dealing with the CEOs, CFOs, executive VPs and other senior managers who make so many of today’s more substantial buying decisions. As a result, your salespeople will see increased, on-going access to the industry’s key players, while building a reputation for focusing more on solving executive-level problems than simply trying to move product. Now doesn’t that beat just preaching a mantra?

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