Latest News From The World Of CRM

By Geoffrey James

SAP (9/22/04) introduced an email response management system (ERMS) intended to help companies manage high-volume email traffic, increase accuracy of outbound communications and turn inbound queries into sales opportunities. Capabilities include improved inbound and outbound customer email communication, personalized customer service and compliance with legal regulations in countries in which outreach is conducted.

PRAGMATECH (8/16/04) announced the release of its e-Proposals Server Version 6, which features greater scalability, reliability, redundancy and maintainability. The solution is intended to help sales representatives and other users create custom documents of any complexity via a Web-based form interface.

ON CONTACT (6/21/04) announced the release of Client Management Software (CMS), version 8.0, a customizable CRM system that lets users manage sales, marketing and customer service strategies from a single software suite. Enhanced features span the sales, marketing, customer service, opportunity management and call center modules of the CMS application suite.

CALLIDUS (9/20/04) announced enhancements to its TrueComp suite, including improved reporting capabilities and enhanced analysis functionality to help companies improve visibility into sales compensation and optimize the effectiveness of their incentive programs.

ORACLE (9/9/04) prevailed in a lawsuit filed by the U.S. Department of Justice seeking to block its proposed acquisition of PeopleSoft, Inc., thus removing a significant roadblock. Oracle’s tender offer for all PeopleSoft shares at $21.00 per share in cash represented a premium of 17% ($17.95) to close of market on September 9, 2004, and a premium of 39% ($15.11) to close of market on June 5, 2003, the day before Oracle originally announced its bid to acquire PeopleSoft.

PEOPLESOFT (9/9/04) announced that its board of directors will review the implications of the ruling (see above) in the antitrust lawsuit brought against Oracle Corporation. PeopleSoft is claiming compensatory damages of more than $1 billion plus punitive damages in a lawsuit against Oracle, which is scheduled to go to trial in November. The complaint alleges that Oracle has engaged in unfair business practices, including a deliberate campaign to mislead PeopleSoft’s customers and disrupt its business.