How to Get More Done…with Less Effort

By Steve Simms

If you’d like to accomplish more and expend less energy to get the end results you need, try the eight suggestions listed here.

1. Tend to business, not to busyness! Activity does not necessarily equal accomplishment, therefore only do what really needs to be done. Before you jump into action, ask yourself, “Do I really need to do this – now?” Place more value on results and less on putting in time and effort!

2. Accept responsibility for the use of your time. Don’t fix the blame for your time pressures; fix the problem! Take charge of your schedule. Know when to say no to wasteful uses of your time!

3. Delegate where possible. Don’t carry other people’s workloads. Share tasks with your family members, employees or co-workers. Do your fair share, but don’t do everything by yourself! Another option is to hire out some of your personal workload.

4. Learn to use your creativity. Find more efficient ways to get things done. Use idle time. Do two compatible things at once (like driving and listening to instructional tapes).

5. Inject pleasure into your activities. Studies have shown that people who enjoy what they are doing are much more efficient than people who don’t. Make a game out of your work. Invent ways to enjoy it.

6. Begin to see time as your friend and not as your enemy. After all, when your time is all used up, then you are all used up! Stay calm. Panic never improves performance.

7. Maintain a strong self-image independent of your work. Your performance does not determine your value as a human being! So don’t strive for perfection by continually redoing the same job. Give your best effort and be content with that!

8. Plan your day. Set your priorities. Then devote the best portion of your time to the things that are the most important to accomplish your goals. (You have set down goals, of course…) Planning is essential if you want to avoid expending your energies on trivialities. Planned time is saved time.