Private Jet Service

By Kimberly L. McCall

One of the sad facts of traveling to meetings is that air travel is a nightmare. Somewhere between a 2-hour advance check-in at the airport and the two inches of space between a passengers’ laps and their neighbors’ reclined head, meeting attendees may lose that lovin’ feeling. If you’re planning an off-site meeting, consider Private Jet Services Group (, an air-travel service that provides leisure and business groups first-class options for domestic and international travel. Greg Raiff, president of Private Jet Services, based in North Hampton, NH, says, “Travelers are growing increasingly dissatisfied with the higher costs and unsatisfactory service of commercial airlines.” This travel malaise provides Private Jet Service with its niche—a service for clients seeking more flexibility, safety, security, service and value.

Each full-size plane in Private Jet’s fleet is outfitted with entertainment or business-meeting space, including lounge areas and full-service conference facilities with accommodations for up to 62 passengers. Clients also may opt to turn the jet in to their own private advertisement, by wrapping the plane with a logo.

Private Jet’s rates are competitive with commercial airlines’ first or business class airfares, according to Raiff. For example, the approximate charter price of a Private Jet trip from JFK airport to St. Kitts is $108,000 for 62 passengers. That works out to about $1,742 per person vs. $2,088 for first-class seats on American Airlines.

The service can shepherd a sales team anywhere in the world, even hard-to-reach destinations. Using Private Jet also can save time and effort because clients customize their itineraries and go through private aviation security terminals.

Raiff says that even in an age of reduced business travel, companies are using Private Jet as a way to show key sales executives or clients how valued they are. “Each trip is individually tailored to help clients make the best use of their time and money and achieve their specific goals,” says Raiff. And does the expense pay off? “More than one client has closed the next year’s sales contract while cruising in flight,” says Raiff.