Going Once, Going Twice…

By Malcolm Fleschner

From Beanie Babies and antique clocks to digital cameras and engagement rings, there’s almost nothing you can’t find on eBay. And now you can add yet another item to the list: motivation. At least that’s the idea behind the new partnership between eBay, which bills itself as The World’s Online Marketplace, and Globoforce, a leading provider of Web-based global motivation and rewards solutions.

Designed with the corporate customer in mind, the new motivation and incentive system enables companies worldwide to run their reward, recognition and incentive programs on Globalforce’s existing platform while offering eBay’s daily selection of more than 16 million items up for auction as rewards using eBay gift certificates. To redeem prizes, participants need only surf over to www.ebay.com and start the bidding.

According to Eric Mosley, CEO of Globoforce, this partnership represents a dream solution combining the well-established power of online incentive programs with the flexibility and excitement of the online auction.

“eBay is a world-class organization that clearly understands how our technology is changing the face of the corporate incentives marketplace,” Mosley says. “People feel empowered by choice. By giving employees the option to select what they want, from wherever they want, they should feel incentivized to meet corporate goals, resulting in increased productivity and ultimately boosting the ROI of participating companies.”

The program’s promoters feel that salespeople, with their natural drive to compete and negotiate, may represent a particularly potent market for auction-oriented incentives. At the same time, Globoforce promises to bring to bear its substantial experience in the field of incentives and motivation to help clients design programs and then communicate effectively with participants by developing newsletters, posters, promotional items and more. Each program will be uniquely tailored to suit the needs and budget of that customer.

With all this to recommend it, the new program should have plenty of gavels pounding to the sound of the word: Sold!

For more information, visit www.globoforce.com.