The Gift of Adventure

By Christine Neuberger

Gift certificates can pack an incentive wallop, no matter the goal. But these certificates of achievement can deliver an especially effective motivational punch in programs that reward salespeople for achieving a specific sales goal or certain improvement on sales performance. Bill Wagner, incentives director for Outdoor World Incentives, says, “A company may want to use a sales incentive to move on a new product launch, or to move old product without taking a huge loss or to boost overall sales to exceed last year’s numbers. There’s a different twist to any program. We have such a wide range of clients and we’re so diverse in what we can do.”

Outdoor World Incentives Gift Certificates are diverse in their redemption options. Recipients can redeem these certificates for fishing, hunting and camping products in Bass Pro Shops’ catalogs or Outdoor World retail stores. There’s more. Participants can redeem prizes for name-brand electronics, NASCAR products, sports memorabilia, family vacations, Tracker Marine products, even Omaha Steaks. Amid the current buzz about lifestyle pursuits and leisure time, it’s easy to see how those hot trends have paid off for Outdoor World Incentives: “That lifestyle-leisure push has been very good for us. People really value that and we fit that. Business is growing at a very nice rate,” Wagner says.

But time-pressed managers hardly seem to have a lot of leisure time on their hands. Indeed, Wagner says more and more clients seek turnkey programs – or at least some help managing programs as well as fulfilling them. Outdoor World Incentives has the people and know-how to help. Clients turn over participant names, addresses and other info needed to manage a program. Says Wagner, “It looks like more and more people are leaning toward someone else managing their program. It takes the load off them. We manage some programs entirely. We get involved as deeply as we need to do the program. Some companies want the entire program taken care of by someone, others strictly want you to do fulfillment.”

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