Meet On the Way to the Meeting

By Heather Baldwin

Next time you need to get your sales reps from Boston to New York to attend a meeting, consider making the trip part of the meeting. LimoLiner, launched in October, is a luxury motor coach service with 28 first class seats divided into two cabins. The front cabin has 18 front-facing seats; the rear cabin, with 10 seats and two conference tables, offers a private area that can be used for meetings. Want to give a presentation at your meeting? No problem. Transfer your slides onto a DVD and you can use the vehicle’s DVD player to show them on the video screens located throughout the vehicle.

The high-tech amenities don’t end there. There’s secure and unlimited high-speed Internet access at each seat free of charge, clear cell phone reception for the duration of the trip, live television channels so you can stay abreast of the news and seat-side power outlets. LimoLiner also offers complimentary newspapers and magazines as well as an onboard travel assistant who acts as a personal business assistant for the entire four-hour trip.

Linda Szymialis, local sales manager of WMJX, Magic Radio106.7 in Boston, says her entire sales team recently traveled to New York aboard the LimoLiner and “raved about the experience.” One reason: The trip was highly productive. “We were able to check our email, hold a team meeting and even watch a training video,” she says.

Travel managers can reserve the vehicle’s front or rear cabin or the entire 28-seat motor coach. They also can pre-select meals for their passengers, which are served from the kitchen dividing the front and rear cabins, and determine the pick-up and drop-off locations in each city. Typically, LimoLiner travels between the Hilton Boston Back Bay and the Hilton New York hotels.

LimoLiner runs seven days a week, four times a day. The cost is $69 per person one way. For more information, visit