Keep Your Grass the Greenest

By Christine Neuberger

If you want to keep your talent, new research suggests that managers and employees should make sure their incentive and training efforts are working.A survey – conducted by The Nierenberg Group in conjunction with New York University’s Management Institute – showed that no single factor would make working professionals reconsider plans to leave a job. But more than other issues, employees cited more opportunities for advancement as an issue that would stop them from quitting a company.

“The results tell us that when people have reached the ‘end of their rope’ at a job, there is no easy fix for management to keep them,” says Andrea Nierenberg, founder of The Nierenberg Group Inc., in New York and creator and administrator of the survey. “There are two very clear messages from these results. First, employers need to monitor the effectiveness of their training and incentive programs. One size does not fit all, and for companies to win the ‘retention battle’ they will have to create programs that are equitable, yet flexible. Second, employees need to speak up before it’s too late in their minds. With the economy in a state of tremendous flux, the job-hopping attitude of recent years may soon be over. Therefore, it’s in the employees’ best interest to speak up and find ways to influence management to better motivate them.”

Here are the details of the survey which was sent to 900 professionals nationwide. The study asked, “Which one of the following options would have you reconsider staying at a job that you plan to leave?”
The answers:
* Change in management (17 percent)
* Make job more exciting (17 percent)
* Increase in salary and benefits (22 percent)
* Better recognition of contributions (20 percent)
* More opportunities for advancement (24 percent)

Andrea Nierenberg’s company, The Nierenberg Group Inc, is a business relationship management consultancy. She works with companies to provide customized seminars for employee development. She teaches at New York University. Get more info about her company at