I Saw, I Game, I Conquered

By Malcolm Fleschner

Sales incentive contests should be fun for participants – otherwise, what’s the point? No one understands this critical concept better than the folks at SalesDriver. They recently announced the release of DriverGames, a unique interactive game module that brings an added element of excitement to the company’s industry-leading online sales incentive offerings.

Here’s how DriverGames works: Once managers set the budget and prize allocation for a sales contest, they then can give out game tokens to participants based on sales performance criteria. Participants receive word via email that they have been awarded a token, with a link they can click on to go to the contest Website. There they can redeem the token for a prize by taking their chances on the Spin-N-Win wheel.

“We know relationships always drive business results and that staying in contact with your channel partners can be challenging at times,” says Mark Sullivan, vice president of SalesDriver. “With DriverGames companies have an interactive way to keep their sales force engaged in corporate sales goals and objectives.”

Sullivan adds that DriverGames can be used in many creative ways – to drive better sales performance, encourage participants to interact more frequently with the program Website or motivate participants to achieve new sales goals. Perhaps best of all, because SalesDriver handles all the day-to-day administrative tasks and hosts the program Website, managers’ time is freed up for more pressing matters, such as one-on-one motivating and coaching.

“Programs are created, communicated, tracked and fulfilled all from our Website,” explains Sullivan. “Our technology has streamlined the process of setting up a sales incentive program. We’ve made it quick and easy to implement, but more importantly we’ve made it cost effective to operate. We believe that businesses will find the latest version of SalesDriver an excellent and powerful performance management tool.”

For more information, visit www.salesdriver.com