Improving Effectiveness In Five Easy Steps

Want to get a physician more involved and excited about what you have to say? Then ramp up your own involvement and excitement level, says Robert F. Wright, a sales rep and district trainer with New Jersey-based Organon Pharmaceuticals. In an article recently published on PharmRep Online (, Wright offered the following five tips for drug reps looking to give their selling efforts an extra boost.

1. Preplan them all. This is one piece of advice nearly everyone knows is important, yet few follow it. Realistically, on many calls you know you have little chance of getting in to see the physician, so why bother with preplanning? Because every so often you’re prognostication powers prove faulty and you find yourself face-to-face with a physician without knowing what you want to say. Instead, prepare for every call beforehand as if you’re sure you’ll be meeting with the physician.

2. Go on record. As soon as you conclude a call, immediately jot down your notes on the call. Yes, it’s understandable that you’d rather move on and deal with the notes later, but your memory won’t be as fresh then. An added bonus is that better call notes will come in handy when it’s time to prepare to go into this office the next time.

3. Keep it clean. Your car, your detail bag and your person should be kept tidy, neat and professional-looking at all times. Besides helping to keep you organized, a clean, professional appearance makes an impact on everyone you interact with, from the administrative staff to the physician who heads up the practice.

4. Know your stuff. Your goal should be to become an expert on your product and your studies. One good strategy for boning up is to review materials while you wait to meet with a physician instead of reading the newspaper or a general interest magazine. Reading nonproduct-related items implies that your time is not at a premium, which sends the wrong message to the staff.

5. Be polite, but convey a sense of urgency. Approach your job with the understanding that your efforts help save lives. With this in mind, when you come into an office unannounced communicate to the staff that you’re not going to waste the physician’s time. When you come back, have a purpose. While you wait for a signature, stay near the front desk and make intermittent eye contact with the administrator. Don’t be pushy, but communicate with your body language that your time is valuable and you’ll get in to see the doctor that much quicker.