How to Rent a Projector

By Heather Baldwin

Using a projector for your presentation can be daunting. It’s even more daunting if the projector isn’t yours in the first place because then you have the added worry of finding a reputable dealer with the right equipment at a reasonable price. To help ensure a great rental experience, Rebecca Clifford, a rental specialist with projector manufacturer Boxlight, recommends that sales reps who need to rent a projector ask the following questions of each rental company with which they might do business:

What projector models do you offer? Ensure the company has a variety of models so you can match the projector to your unique presentation situation.

What accessories are included with the rental kit? Make sure everything you need is available from the rental company and included with the projector. Some things to ask about include computer and video cables, remote, carry bag, portable screen, signal amplifier and extra lengths of cable.

How easy is the projector to use? Make sure you won’t need a PhD to set up the projector or that your presentation is delayed because the operating instructions are so complex. Ask about ease of projector use and whether the rental company includes such benefits as color-coded cables and step-by-step instructions.

Who do I call if I have technical problems? Get all the contact information and the hours of operation to ensure technicians will be available when you need them. You might also want to ask about the knowledge and experience of the technicians who answer calls.

How does shipping work? Ask how quickly the projector will arrive at your location and whether it can be shipped directly to your presentation site, office, hotel, conference center or home. Also find out if a completed air bill is included to make return shipping as simple as possible.

How many days will I be charged? Ask whether you’ll be billed for the days the projector is in transit to and from your location or only for the days you will be using it. You should be charged only for actual days of use.

What other incentives can you offer? Ask what additional services are offered that add more value to your rental experience. Can you apply your rental fees toward the purchase of a new projector? Do you get discounts if you rent frequently from the same company? If the answers are none and no, look for a different rental company.

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