FrontRange Gets Back to Basics

By Heather Baldwin

At its Partner and User Conference last year FrontRange Solutions spent much of its time talking about GoldMine CustomerIQ, its next-generation CRM software targeted to vertical industries. This year the company got back to its roots and expressed its commitment to its core GoldMine and HEAT product lines. “We are refocusing,” says Greg Anderson, FrontRange’s senior director, product marketing. “We’ll let our partners provide the vertical expertise. We want to focus on GoldMine.”

GoldMine users will see the results of that refocusing effort when FrontRange rolls out GoldMine version 6.5 on December 1. The hallmark of the new version is business productivity. “Everyone has more to do today than ever before,” says Anderson. “We looked at how we could make our customers more effective so they can spend more time with customers and less time on mundane, routine tasks.” For example, version 6.5 makes it easier to set up marketing campaigns, while at the same time giving users access to industry best practices. So you’ll not only be able to set up a campaign more quickly, you’ll have strategies for key issues, such as how to run a great marketing campaign, you can implement.

In early September FrontRange will announce a relationship with infoUSA, a provider of sales and marketing support with databases of 14 million U.S. businesses and 200 million U.S. consumers. Once the partnership is in place, GoldMine users will be able to tap into the infoUSA database to find prospects. “Our customers are always looking for leads,” says Anderson. “We hear that all the time – they want people to market to.” The infoUSA relationship is FrontRange’s answer to that challenge. The company already has a similar relationship with Fortune, which gives users access to information on large, multi-national companies. The infoUSA lists will enable users to get very specific information on firms of any size in a specific geographical area.

Finally, FrontRange is driving towards a two-click approach, making sure every piece of data or information is no more than two clicks away. Again, it comes right back to making users more productive and giving them more time to spend with customers. “If you look at things like the 5.0 release,” says Anderson, “we were jamming a lot of features and functionality in there and I think we lost sight of the customer base. They wanted the features, but you need to make it easy to use.” With version 6.5, he says, “We’re really focused in on the customer. We think it’s important that our technology adapts to the user, not the user to the technology.”

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