One-stop Video Conferencing

By Heather Baldwin

If you like the idea of video conferencing for meeting with a dispersed sales force, but are intimidated by the thought of purchasing – and then deciphering – loads of equipment, there’s some good news from CTX International, a City of Industry, CA-based manufacturer of high-tech products. CTX has just announced a computer monitor with built-in camera and microphone – in other words, a one-stop shop for video conferencing. The M730V 17-inch LCD monitor also includes built-in surround-sound speakers and a picture-in-picture (PIP) function to provide what CTX calls “the first fully integrated solution to perform video conferencing.”

Along with the video conferencing capabilities, the M730V offers a feature set specifically designed for high-performance multimedia applications. Standard features include Analog and DVI inputs for high multimedia content, a three-port USB 2.0 hub for connecting additional peripherals that is 40 times faster than USB 1.1, and S-VHS and composite-video capabilities for a wider input signal that enables RGB/digital interfacing.

The M730V’s 16-millisecond response time translates into high-performance viewing for video, DVD, graphics or gaming applications without the “visual stutter” associated with slower LCDs. In addition, the M730V has an extra-wide 160-degree viewing angle, 450:1 contrast ratio and 1280×1024 resolution for clearer, sharper images. “Whether you are talking to a loved one in another state or your boss in the building next door, the M730V provides a turnkey, fully integrated solution for communicating face-to-face over a network or the Internet,” says Nelson Tsay, director of product management for CTX. “The M730V possesses the leading-edge features and high-performance image quality to handle virtually any multimedia application.”

Want to do more than meet remotely? Through the three-port USB hub that is built into the monitor, equipment such as DVD players, VCRs, TV tuners, digital and video cameras, security cameras, USB printers and scanners, USB radios and more can be attached. The M730V will be available in September 2003 for $999. Visit for more information.