Demanding Advice

By Cindy Waxer

The better salespeople understand their clients, products and market conditions, the better equipped they are to close a sale. That’s precisely why Sellution Services Corporation has agreed to sell and support Involve Technology’s new sales effectiveness software called Sales Advice on Demand.

Sales Advice on Demand, a software application for sales organizations, is designed to contribute, organize, find, rate and access sales advice, tips and techniques. The solution allows users to create a database of information ranging from a company’s latest product launches to advice for handling the most common sales obstacles. In addition, users can access the system to share actual experiences and industry knowledge.

According to Michael Radice, CEO of Sellution Services, Sales Advice on Demand’s Web-based architecture allows “sales reps to access information in a format and structure they understand and to zero right in on the piece of information they need to identify a solution.”

With such critical knowledge in hand, sales teams can reduce sales cycles, increase closure rates and shorten the learning curve for new salespeople.

Driving the adoption of Sales Advice on Demand is a built-in reward system. Users can collect participation points based on the number of times they access the system and the amount of information and advice they contribute. They then can redeem the points for prizes, such as gift certificates or coupons, depending on the company’s customized reward system.

Such incentives, however, are unlikely to lead to just another bloated database. Companies can prearrange to have information or advice deleted in accordance with usage rates and overall value.

Radice promises that Sales Advice on Demand is “a self-managing system. It’s not one of these behemoth databases with useless information. If a piece of information or advice hasn’t been accessed in six months, it’s automatically taken out of the system.”

Sales Advice on Demand can be deployed within corporate Intranets, sales portals and email systems.

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