By Cindy Waxer

Salespeople no longer must force their clients to pay long-distance charges for enhanced accessibility. Thanks to the North American debut of Telcan’s 1-800 Follow Me product customers can call a toll-free number to reach a salesperson by cell phone.

Salespeople using Telcan’s toll-free service can instantly reprogram their ring-to-location number to any telephone number, including cellular phones, or even program multiple numbers to ring at once. Customers improve their chances of being able to immediately connect with a salesperson without having to incur long-distance charges – a perk that can lead to enhanced customer satisfaction and increased sales.

The enhanced toll-free, 1-800 number also grants salespeople a lot of convenience. They can preprogram or instantly change the destination number via Web or email to follow them from office to cell phone to home phone to anywhere in the world.

According to Anton Mendoza, president of Telcan, “with the immediacy of online provisioning a client could order a toll-free number online and start using it in just a few hours.”

Call centers that need to reroute to various locations also are primary candidates for this solution. In fact, Telcan can deliver call details over the Internet in real time to any application of choice.

Telcan already has more than 100 subscribers to its 1-800 Follow Me service, which was introduced in remote parts of North America during its testing phase.

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