Marketing Help For Microsoft CRM

By Heather Baldwin

Zoomio, a Copenhagen-based provider of Web-based marketing automation solutions, is launching a hosted marketing automation platform for Microsoft CRM in March that aims to help users more effectively generate new leads, acquire new customers and develop longer-lasting relationships with existing customers. The solution, called MyMarketingMachine, has the same look and feel as Microsoft’s CRM application.

The product automates the process of passing leads from one channel to another within a company. For example: You have a prospect group of 10,000 people that you want your telemarketers to talk to, ultimately to determine who should be approached by your sales reps, but the list is too long for a cost-effective telemarketing campaign. You can use MyMarketingMachine to narrow that list by creating an email campaign and specifying what actions, such as the email being opened or the link being clicked, will send that lead to the telemarketers.

Moreover, the sales manager creating the campaign can create the telemarketing script that will be used when the telemarketer receives notification to make a call – when the telemarketer clicks on the prospect’s name, the exact script pops up. How the prospect answers the telemarketer’s questions and responds to his or her call then determines where the lead is passed next. For example, it might be routed automatically to a sales rep, if it meets the user-defined criteria of a hot lead, or it might be placed in the cue for additional email campaigns.

Zoomio opted to create its platform initially for Microsoft CRM because it believes the product will surpass other applications in its class. “We think Microsoft has built a very sophisticated, very easy to use CRM platform,” says Gordon Darling, Zoomio’s executive VP, product development. “We think that in two years time it will dominate CRM in the small- to mid-sized business space. It also has no marketing capability and its target market of small to mid-sized businesses is ideal for us.”

MyMarketingMachine is a hosted solution with subscription pricing of $750 per month for one to five users, $1,250 per month for six to 10 users and $2,500 per month for 11 to 25 users. Additional users cost $75 per user per month. Microsoft CRM users who purchase a MyMarketingMachine license will be able to download a plug-in from the product’s Website to immediately gain the capability to route leads between the two applications. Over time, Darling says, Zoomio will have plug-ins for every CRM system requested by its customers. For more information, visit