Want to Meet? Try Gotta Meet

By Heather Baldwin

Ask sales reps what their biggest frustrations are and somewhere on their list you’re bound to find this challenge: securing meetings with busy executives. It’s tough getting through to them when they’re bombarded daily with sales messages from countless companies – and its even tougher to snare a one-on-one meeting to present your message. With that in mind, a new company called WeGottaMeet has designed a vehicle to help make it easier to get that meeting.

WeGottaMeet was founded in January 2003 and sells what it calls b2b cards – online messages similar to an e-greeting card. Recipients get an email stating they’ve received a WeGottaMeet card and any other basic information a sales rep might want to include. When they click on the link they are transported immediately to a single-screen card with fully animated graphics on the left and text on the right. And here’s the real kicker – as soon as the card is opened, the rep who sent it receives an email and a page noting who picked up the card and at what time. “Now I can call them and get them at their desk,” says Timothy Fong, director of WeGottaMeet. “Reaching prospects by phone is about 90% of the problem. Now I get them four out of five times.”

Fong says the inspiration for WeGottaMeet came when he was selling software. Executives he spoke to told him they get calls and emails from “fifty people like me a week,” he recalls. “I realized I could be one of those fifty, or I could work with people who wanted to be the one or two who get the meeting.”

WeGottaMeet’s b2b cards are what Fong calls infotainment. They deliver a serious message in an entertaining way, which prompts some prospects to accept a phone call they otherwise might not. Fong recently used the technology to get through to one large customer he’d had trouble contacting. On the left side of the b2b card he sent was a cartoon of a sales person on the phone saying: Thursday? No, Thursday doesn’t work. How about never? Does never work for you? When his pager went off, indicating the recipient had opened the card, Fong called and the contact accepted his call. It broke the ice, says Fong. “I wound up having a 45-minute conversation with the person, who then gave me two other contacts in the organization.”

Anecdotally, recipients of WeGottaMeet b2b cards open the cards about 75% of the time. That number increases when reps call ahead to they are going to send an email. For more information, visit www.wegottameet.com.